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Delays the pop-up messages for the DLC with a single, merging plugin! Compatible with any and all combinations of official DLC through Wrye Bash Merged Patching (or similar method)!

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DLC Delayer

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Delay the pop-up messages for the DLC with a single, merging plugin! Compatible with any and all combinations of official DLC through Wrye Bash Merged Patching (or similar method)!
Feeling tired of running into the official plugins' pop-up messages almost immediately after watching the emperor die? Do you wish for a more immersive experience with the DLC starting up instead? If so, then I highly recommend getting a mod like this one!

I'll give it to you straight: this method is not anything insanely new. In fact, there are several amazing DLC delayers out there, including "Official Plugins Unnerfed" by JOG, and "SM Plugin Refurbish" by StrategyMaster. Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul (which I highly recommend) does something similar as well, and all three are fantastic in their own right. I highly recommend you try them all out so that you get a better idea of what you want to see in your game, and what mod suits your gameplay best. Also, if you'd like a peek, Arthmoor (famous for UOSKP, Open Cities, and a sleugh of other mods) has released Oblivion DLC Delayers, which looks pretty cool :3 )

That being said, DLC Delayer does a few things differently.

For starters, DLC Delayer is completely compatible with any and all combinations of DLC -- with the use of only one, merging .esp! This means that there is only one plugin included, and no extra files, so that it can be safely merged-and-forgotten by the mod user, and without having to worry about it crashing the game! This is done by a Bash Filter tag being included, which allows the Bashed patch to be forgotten. This means that it can (probably) be used safely alongside Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul, which should be loaded afterwards. It is also highly compatible with most Oblivion mods which enhance the DLC, as it only touches one script per-DLC. In the off chance that there is an issue with compatibility, a compatibility patch can easily be made! Especially because this mod is new, and therefore shall be maintained for longer (MOO is an exception, as it is still being maintained).

Another benefit about DLC Delayer is that it is lightweight -- even more lightweight than the original plugins! It touches a bare minimum of script (2 - 4 lines, at most), with one of the lines forcing a skip with less checks... the difference isn't noticeable at all, really, but it is still a difference!

So: What does it do?

If you weren't able to get an idea from my large and unnecessary introduction, DLC Delayer prevents the annoying DLC pop-up messages from appearing almost immediately after the Emperor dies. Now you must achieve some level of prerequisites. There are separate routes you can take to access the contents of the DLC: one is leveled (and has far fewer prerequisites), and the other is unlevelled (meaning any level player can get access, but it's much more difficult to obtain). This prevents the Anvil Chapel Attack from occurring immediately, and allows players to have access to previously damaged/removed areas. It is also far more immersive to boot!

What is included?

File Structure in Wrye Bash Format
-One main .esp
-One Readme
-Nine Early Beta .esps (optional)
-Nine script edits (.txt format)
-One OMOD Installer
-NMM FOMOD scripts

How to install?

Check the Readme in the ReadMe tab. It goes more into detail there.

Is it compatible with _____ ?

It is most likely compatible with almost every mod, besides those which edit the same scripts. Please check the Readme, there's more information there. If you do run into an incompatibility, however, please make sure it is a compatibility/conflict issue with TES4Edit, and I'll do my best to get it working.


Please check the Readme first, read through the comments here or on the Bethsoft Forums, and then, if your question is unanswered, leave a comment. If you do not meet the requirements, you will be directed to the Readme. Please be sure to read it THOROUGHLY before posting, as your doing so is greatly appreciated.


Bethesda for Oblivion and the DLC

shadeMe for the CS Extender (and being willing to do some troubleshooting... I'll be sure to check the readmes more thoroughly next time :P)

The OBSE team for OBSE

The folks at Bethforums for providing feedback (and Supierce for being willing to help while I was having issues)