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Credit to Jokerine for the Forever Free! logo, download from here.

Bravil BrushUp is a medium overhaul.

Some features coming along to the Player:
-Extremely deadly and fast ammo - Player Ebony Arrows
-an extremely effective bow - Player Ebony Bow
-an extremely deadly sword - Player Ebony Shortsword
Use these if you need to kill fast.
-All guards are equipped with more 'tropical' attire and private clothing
-The vanilla 'House For Sale', is replaced with a roomier version (2 floors), 'House For Sale 2', which some guards sleep in at night. You still need the vanilla key
-There is a new Player Home between the two bridges on the Castle side. 2 floors and nice view over Bravil City
-Aleron Loche's house is revamped due to the changes with the new inhabitor - Bravil Laundry
-A new barracks home (next to 'A Warlock's Luck'), primarily for the Captain, Viera Lerus, and you. Some guards sleep there as well.
-You can dine in the Lonely Suitor every night - there is a table reserved for you and the Captain of the guards
-The Jarl's son, Gellius Terentius, tends the city plants during the weekdays as an attempt to get him out of his Skooma addiction
-There are 2 City-Swimmers now. They share the same home and are equipped with separate beds
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Mhahn123 needs a site of his own due to his accomplishments. Just search his name and enjoy!

Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for creating wonderous games.
Thanks to my friends on the nexusmods.