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This mod alters how the player (and NPCs) hold torches so they are more realistic and natural. (Now with 100% more Mesh Improvement Project Torch, and now with 100% fixed Havok and placement)

Permissions and credits
AIP's Proper Torch Wield 3.0
by ArtInPinkerton (aka Pinkertonius)<--------that's me

NOW with 100% more Mesh Improvement Project torch)

EVEN MORE NOW-ER with 100% rebuilt from ground up havok and placement for all versions

(Inspired by Proper Torch Wield for Skyrim by skyrimaguas)

Version 3.0 2020-02-16

Get that frikkin fire out of my face! Wait, I already did.
This mod alters how the player (and NPCs) hold torches so they are more realistic and natural. 

Drop lit torches - completely compatible
Correna Max Compatibility Skeleton - Completely compatible
Universal Skeleton - completely compatible
Oblivion Reloaded - completely compatible 
HGEC body - completely compatible

It's just a mesh, it's virtually impossible to be incompatible with any mod except ones that A) replace the torch or it's textures or B) there is no B. 

I like realistic 1st person mods (thank you Alenet for your recent efforts). Unfortunately, the way torches are held in that mode causes the torch to bob in and out of the center of the players vision (especially when running). Eventually, I stumbled upon Proper Torch Wield (for Skyrim) that changed how torches were held for realism purposes. Basically, people don't hold fire in their faces for two reasons 1) OWWWWWWW 2) the fire blinds your distance view (i.e. bright light in front of face prevent seeing things dark in the distance). Seeing this mod, it occurred to me that the same could be done in Oblivion. Being slightly familiar with NIFSKOPE, I tracked down the appropriate model and started experimenting. It took 7 (way more than 7 by now) botched attempts to get it right but I think I got it now. This mod works great for realists and for those using real 1st person mods. BUT also even if you don't, this gets that bright orb off screen so you can concentrate on what matters...murder hobo'ing your way through Tamriel. 

UPDATE: the default mesh is now the awesome torch from the MESH IMPROVEMENT PROJECT by Insanity Sorrow located here....http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/44501. Just make sure that this mod is installed/loaded after it if you use that mod. The original torch set for proper torch wield is located in the Alternate folder. It too will keep you eyebrows singe free. 

UPDATED UPDATED: Completely fixed Havok issue, no more falling through floors. Weep and despair all those that wished to light the void. 

NOTE: If you still want to use MESH IMPROVEMENT PROJECT with the OG-style torch (weirdo), you will have to delete both the torch.nif and the torch texture in that mod. 


1) OPTIONAL- copy TORCH02.NIF from meshes\lights to a safe location.
2) Drop mesh folder from mod in data folder. Meaning, the new mesh will replace the old mesh in the Data\Meshes\Lights folder. It should override one file, it will complain about. 
3) Spare an entire realm from 3rd degree burns on their face and almost zero night vision.
4) OPTIONAL - If you wish to use the original torch with Proper Torch Wield, copy the mesh folder from the Alternate folder into the data directory instead. It's like I've heard that somewhere before. 


1) Take the backup TORCH02.NIF and place it in the meshes\lights folder. Didn't make a backup...that's a shame.
I highly recommend this combined with the 1st person camera option for the already amazing Oblivion Reloaded by Alenet. Seriously, even if you don't use this mod, you should be using that one.

1.0, 2015-12-03   Unreleased. Torch was moved but havok data all wonky. Torches would bounce weirdly and too long.
1.1, 2016-02-17   Fixed Havok data. Torches don't quite roll much anymore but it's still fairly natural. 
2.0  2016-07-28   Replaced default with Mesh Improvement Project torch. Moved modified vanilla torch to Alternate folder (jeez get the hint already). 
2.1 2016-07-29    Fixed incorrect folder path (should have been "MESHES->LIGHTS->TORCH02.NIF")
3.0 2020-02-16     What,What!!! Another update almost 4 years later. It's fixy fixt for realz. (that's my "pretend to be young" slang). Havok and placement redone 


You can find me on TESNexus or Elderscrolls forum as Pinkertonius' or at Artinpinkerton.com. 


Thanks to skyrimaugus for for inspiring me with his/her mod.
NEW!!! Thanks to Insanity Sorrow for the awesome mesh (along with all the other awesome work he/she has contributed)
Thanks to creators of Nifskope that let me move the vertices without a 3d modelling program.
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.


If you wish to alter this plugin for upload, just give me credit for my work AND more importantly, if you use the MIP torch, give Insanity Sorrow credit. All I did was nudge a few vertices.