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A simple dungeon crawler with achievements.

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Version 1.01 (patch)
NOTE: you only need this if you don't have Shivering Isles.

Removed Shivering Isles dependency (ice valley door and throne).
Download and extract kvFoydada01.esp over the original.
This is a simple replacer so you should be able to continue from existing save.


A simple dungeon crawler.

There are achievements such as collectibles that won't show on Steam, of course.

After a period of illness I felt a need to complete a project - something simple.
Most of the meshes, textures and cells, etc are new, which required my self discipline to keep the project within scope.

Where I set a deadline of 3 weeks for development and 1 for debugging I managed to complete it in just on 2.

I hope you enjoy playing as much as I did making this mod.

NOTE: if you get stuck look under ..\Oblivion\Data\Docs\kvFoyada01