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Japanese clothes
KoTn Armor
Monster costume

4 Mod packed in 1 as Fukubukuro.

Permissions and credits
  Fukubukuro     Vol 1.0
              2015.12/31 Hidemaro                   
○ change log

  2015/12/31 Release Ver:1.0

○ Outline

 This is where the four Mod that I was not Up to the Nexus until now collectively.
 Fukubukuro is a sale carried out in the New Year.
 Miscellaneous goods is called a Fukubukuro for bargain was placed in a bag. 
 Each of which has been housed in a separate folder, it has become another esp.

○ Include

 Siragiku Chan Costume : Japanese game (Zero- Nuregarasu No Miko -) at I will add a costume white chrysanthemum-chan is the spirit of the 
      (Clothes)                girl was wearing.
                                    this added four color for the New Year.

 KnightofTheNine          : it'll add the women's mesh armor of Crusader entering the hand DLC KnightofTheNine.
  FimaleArmor Replacer   KnightofTheNine is required.

 SmallSword                  : I'll add a smallish sword (stiletto).
      (Wepon)                    Short Sword of reach and Dagger of damage, there is a weight and speed of the intermediate.
                                       It is powerless, but it is a sword that is easy to use and is not bulky.

 SElekingSan                 : I am made to appear a Eleking who has been figure by (Ultra Monster anthropomorphic plan) as a costume.

○ Attention

 Please make a backup of the save data prior to installation.
 I work only in one's environment and do not inspect it.
 If you have any problems, please write in TheNexusForums.