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Japanese clothes
KoTn Armor
Monster costume

4 Mod packed in 1 as Fukubukuro.

Permissions and credits
  Fukubukuro     Vol 1.0
              2015.12/31 Hidemaro                   
○ change log

  2015/12/31 Release Ver:1.0

○ Outline

 This is where the four Mod that I was not Up to the Nexus until now collectively.
 Fukubukuro is a sale carried out in the New Year.
 Miscellaneous goods is called a Fukubukuro for bargain was placed in a bag. 
 Each of which has been housed in a separate folder, it has become another esp.

○ Include

 Siragiku Chan Costume : Japanese game (Zero- Nuregarasu No Miko -) at I will add a costume white chrysanthemum-chan is the spirit of the 
      (Clothes)                      girl was wearing.
                                            this added four color for the New Year.
                                            It is sold at Choroll 's NorthernGoodsAndTrade.

 KnightofTheNine            : it'll add the women's mesh armor of Crusader entering the hand DLC KnightofTheNine.
  FimaleArmor Replacer   KnightofTheNine is required.
      (Armor)                        If KoTNReplicaArmors is introduced, it will be sold at Anvil's Morvayns Peacemakers even without Knights.esp. 
                                            Even in this case Mesh and Textures of KnightofTheNine are necessary. 
                                            Performance will remain Elbun or Ebony.
                                            Please use it when you do not want to introduce KnightofTheNine.
 SmallSword                    : I'll add a smallish sword (stiletto).
      (Wepon)                      Short Sword of reach and Dagger of damage, there is a weight and speed of the intermediate.
                                          It is powerless, but it is a sword that is easy to use and is not bulky.
                                          It is sold in the weapon shop of each town. 
                                          To match the level of the player, it will appear with probability.
                                          Fewer available opportunity the better weapon. 

SElekingSan                    : I am made to appear a Eleking who has been figure by (Ultra Monster anthropomorphic plan) as a costume.
      (Clothes)                     It is sold at Choroll 's NorthernGoodsAndTrade.

○ Attention

 Please make a backup of the save data prior to installation.
 I work only in one's environment and do not inspect it.
 If you have any problems, please write in TheNexusForums.