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Vanilla horses with new shape.

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This replaces all horse models of the game with a new shaped model.
It is the same model used for my War Horse, but adapted to match vanilla horses.
Since it is a remodel, the mouth animation is gone. I can not make those animations.
I don't have horse armor, so I don't know how it works or if this is compatible with it, but I think it will work.
If not, you can always delete the models again.

The model has a more realistic shape, shorter and stronger neck and longer body. Horses look stronger.
This includes a new saddle and tack and also adjusted manes.

This replacer requires Slof's Horse Base, for I attached her textures to the models.
If you are interested in a better look of horses, you should already have it, or get it.

Important: I don't use Slof's esp and now I tested with it active and noticed that the new horse model is not showing up.
So this replacer only works without the esp by Slof. :(