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The Ultimate Teleport Spell!

Teleport anywhere. Locations are not hard-coded, but defined in a config file (example config includes ~200-300 locations). Supports an unlimited number of locations. Teleport to references (doors handled specially) or an arbitrary cell position.

Permissions and credits
UTS - Ultimate Teleport Spell
version 20161218

OBSE v20+
ConfigReader 2015-05-24

See POSTS tab for release notes.


This is a teleport spell (obviously). The Ultimate Teleport Spell?

UTS began as an experiment in reading config files with ConScribe, and quickly
expanded into what you see here. Currently, locations are predefined. I plan to
add a Mark & Recall version (with unlimited marks), if I ever get around to it.

WARNING: Naturally, teleporting to/from places you shouldn't (such as Paradise)
can screw your game. Handle with care. Batteries not included. Etc.


- Unlike most, if not all, other teleport spells, teleport locations are
not hard-coded into the mod, but read from config files (uses a custom
syntax), so you can teleport pretty much anywhere in any mod by adding
some appropriate entries to the config file(s).

- It is entirely scripted and independent of Oblivion.esm, so should
work with total conversions etc. too (untested). One spell to rule them
all! Just create some appropriate config files.

- It supports an unlimited number of locations via an arbitrarily deep
menu hierarchy.

- Each menu can have any number of entries; if there are more than 9
entries, then the menu will use multiple pages (this could get a bit
unwieldy though if you overdo it).

- There are 6 built-in spells, though only the first one is used by
the default config. Define menus for the others if you like. They are
all functionally equivalent, so the main point of extra spells is to
reduce menu depth. The spells are actually defined in a2core.esm, but
they don't do anything without UTS.

- You can also create more spells (as many as you want) in a 3rd party
mod (or mods) and define menus for them (an example esp is provided in
case you want to do that).

- You can teleport to/through a door (if it's locked, you need the
key), to any actor/reference, or to any arbitrary cell location (x,y,z

- The example config file has ~200-300 location entries. Shops, Inns, cities,
vanilla houses, DLC houses, Daedric shrines, guild buildings, several mod
locations, master trainers, etc. Add whatever you want. Remove whatever
you don't.


You can specify conditions in order for a menu or location to be
enabled. The current syntax supports several concurrent conditions:

- map marker (visible/found).
- quest (stage done, or 'completed').
- faction (player is a member of, or minimum faction rank).
- true test (run via RunScriptLine, must evaluate to non-zero).
- false test (run via RunScriptLine, must evaluate to zero).

All tests must pass for the menu/location to be accessible. This means
that if any conditions for a top level menu are not met, the spell will
fail immediately.

RunScriptLine tests must evaluate to a numeric value (short). You
can specify a reference to run the true/false tests on. You can also
substitute an arbitrary reference into the string (see the config file
doc for details).

Most locations in the example config have various requirements (e.g. for
player houses, naturally you need to buy the house before you can teleport
there, and so on).

Installation / Compatibility

As noted above, this is entirely scripted and self-contained, so load order is
irrelevant, put it anywhere, and the esp itself cannot conflict with anything.

Of course, some locations may not work if you have mods that change the
relevant cells/worldspaces. But since all locations are defined in config files,
these can easily be adjusted where necessary. In particular, this applies to
large mods such as Better Cities, the config for this in incomplete, or rather,
non-existent, as I haven't got a recent version. Currently, the example config
included supports vanilla and Open Cities Reborn.

Legal / Copying

All my scripts are in the Public Domain (or CC0 if that is an "issue"), so you can
do whatever you want with them.