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Trimmed version of OWCND - Expanded Dungeons so that it doesn't conflict with Better Dungeons, Snu's Dungeons (WalkerInShadows version) or Ayleid Ruins Expanded.

Permissions and credits
Expanded Dungeons - Play Nice Edition

Edited version by ArtInPinkerton (aka Pinkertonius)<--------that's me
Orignal by NNW (from OWCND)

Version 1.2 or Alternate version 1.25 version (that is also compatible with Legion Forts Occupied!!!!!) Don't use both at the same time or ANARCHY!!!!

EVEN MORE!!!! Dungeon Overhaul Filter Patch for Harvest Containter 1.0  (DOES NOT REQUIRE EXPANDED DUNGEONS)
Yes, you heard me right. Now available, a filter patch for ANY or ALL of the dungeon overhaul mods (BD, Snus, Ayleid Ruins Expanded and/or this mod - either version)!!! All for the low low price of "I haven't had a chance to thoroughly test this but it should work as advertised as it was quite simple to make". Guaranteed or your money back. Just load before the Bashed Patch and then use Wyre Bash to make a new bashed patch. It'll incorporate the changes for whichever ones you have installed into the bashed patch and ignore mods you don't have. 


Nobody expects a modquisition! This mod edits OWCND-Expanded Dungeons to be compatible with Better Dungeons, Snu's Dungeons (WalkerInShadows version), and Ayleid Ruins Expanded. Mmm...taste that dungeon-y goodness.


     Many of the vanilla Oblivion dungeons lack character. They could be boring drudgy unexciting (triple adjective score!). Better Dungeons and Snu's Dungeons both alter many of these dungeons to make them more unique and interesting (and less drudgy). However, there are a lot of dungeons that don't get edited, particularly the forts which is unfortunate, because they were the blandest of all (I don't need a magic mirror to tell me that). While OWCND-Expanded Dungeons by nnw modified many of the same dungeons and conflicted, it also changed many those forts and ayleid ruins. 
After asking NNW, I started on a new version that would let me have the best of both world and make all three mods work together. I first started by loading my mod list in TES4Edit and removing cells that overlapped the other two dungeon mods (with an expection or two where they didn't really conflict). While doing this I noticed that another mod I had installed conflicted with many of the ruins, Ayleid Ruins Expandedalso by NNW so I included it in the compatibility check. After trimming all the cells, I went through every item entry (books, lights, statics, etc.) and scripts and deleted any that no had any references. While technically not necessary, it cuts the bloat a little (the Tums of the mod world). 
Overall Expanded Dungeons still edits over 100 dungeon cells (19 of them are unique to the mod).

If anyone finds more mods that conflict, I'll see about making this compatible with them too, using my handy hackinator...err...Tes4edit.

Drop ESP, Meshes folder and Textures folder into Data folder. Activate in launcher and have fun! 
Recommend loading BEFORE Better Dungeons and Snu's Dungeons just to ensure no basic cell entry information is overwritten.


1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).
2. Delete the .esp file from <install folder>\Oblivion\Data\...DIE UNWANTED MOD, DIE!


1.0, 2015-09-18Initial beta release.
1.1, 2015-12-07Rebuilt (or is it retrimmed)
1.2, 2016-08-09Removed cell with unfinished dungeon edit, fixed error in Imperial Sewers, adjusted a small piece of Sideways cave
1.25 2017-04-03       Alternate version of 1.2 that is also compatible with Legion Occupied Forts
        2017-04-05Added Dungeon Overhaul Filter Patch - mmmmm sweet sweet mod compatiblity patches


You can find me on Nexusmods or Elderscrolls forum as Pinkertonius or at Artinpinkerton.com. 


Thanks to nnw for making OWCND Expanded Dungeons
Thanks to Dragon32 for his helpful notes that allowed me to preserve a couple dungeonss. 
Thanks to Mercer Meka for the bug report and persistence to make sure I fixed it
Thanks to shademe for the Construction Set Extender
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to nexusmods.com, tesalliance.com, and the Eldersrolls.com forums for my research needs.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.