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Lone Wolf Cottage is a small house for the player, located deep in the West Weald, near Fort Black Boot, on the banks of a lovely pond. Follow a series of small quests to equip your new home with all the bells and whistles, and finally earn a great reward.

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Lone Wolf Cottage is a small house for the player, located deep in the West Weald, near Fort Black Boot, on the banks of a lovely pond. It is intended for a mid level character, although it can grow with a beginning person as (s)he levels up, and it also has a lot to offer to a high level player. Once fully equipped, Lone Wolf Cottage will have these features:

  • two beds in the basement plus a double bed upstairs;
  • a spell to return to the cottage from wherever you are, including mark & recall abilities;
  • quick travel to all the major cities of Cyrodiil; spell-making and enchanting; curing your ailments and blessings that boost your attributes;
  • an array of sorters: for alchemy ingredients, drinks, jewelry, dishes and miscellaneous items (tools, gems, pelts...);
  • static alchemy workstation;
  • a chest that can multiply ingredients - not based on the vanilla arch-mage's chest;
  • a chest in which you can safely store some of your money;
  • you can smelt unneeded armor, weapons, jewelry and some clutter and create various ingots; these raw materials can then be used to make other armor, weapons, jewelry and lockpicks;
  • you can also make fur armor from animal pelts, or tan them and turn into raw leather, which can be used to make leather armor;
  • you can make teas that work as potions, and you can bake your own bread, pies and sweets;
  • lights and fires can be turned on/off; if you start a fire, smoke will rise from the chimney outside; during day, the cottage interior will be lit by sunlight coming through the windows, and during night, lights that you turn on will be visible from the outside;
  • all cells have path grids to help your guests/companions move around; all chairs and beds are marked as persistent, so that NPCs can use them; also - for the first time in a mod of mine - companion stones that can be placed in the inventory of your companions, and provide some basic commands related to Lone Wolf Cottage;
  • lots of storage - all containers within (and around) Lone Wolf Cottage are safe to leave your stuff, including "Replenishable Chest of Food" and "Replenishable Urn of Companion Stuff";
  • a general problem with small houses is that they have no space to display or properly store all your loot - here you have a special place called "Hall of Trophies", but you'll have to earn your way in. ;-)

Lone Wolf Cottage can be found roughly south of Faregyl Inn, and southwest from Inn of Ill Omen. As you get close, a new site marker shall appear. The cabin is locked, but do not despair! - the key is located in the utmost vicinity. Let me give you a hint: it's within six feet from the front door. There's no door-mat, so... what would be the next most logical place to hide a key?

Once inside, a message box will pop up and inform you what's going on. The cottage looks abandoned, and - as already mentioned - a bit empty. The message will instruct you to use the little statue of Hircine placed in the bay window. Please note that the quest is not journal based! Hircine will tell you loud and clear what you should do, except in the final step where you'll have to use your own wits a bit. In case you forget what you've been asked to do, or you need more help, consult the ReadMe packed within the archive - it contains a detailed explanation of quests, as well as other useful tips and info.

The daedric prince will essentially send you on various hunting missions. Every time you bring the stuff he asked for, you should put them in a silver urn that stands next to the statue itself, and then activate the shrine. As a reward for your offerings, Hircine will provide you with useful services, and various stuff will appear within the cottage.

Lone Wolf Cottage is based upon exquisite Highleaf Estate by XPerience. Original meshes were heavily worked up, mostly in accordance with XPerience's own ideas - more details in the ReadMe.