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Da Mage - Invocus - kweeky - lubronbrons

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You can play your character showing his/her beautiful hair & still have equipment benefit. Also, arrow quiver will show only when you equiped bow. I have tried other similar mod, but not working properly. Hope this mod is needed by anyone

Permissions and credits
Main feature of this mod is :
playing oblivion character showing his/her beautiful hair & still have equipment benefit
- from start player given misc item to configure this mod toggle ON / OFF

- from start default toggle is ON, you can change it using misc item given
- when weapon unsheathed : helm & shield will show, if weapon sheathed : helm & shield hide
- in battle helm & shield automatically will show
- quiver arrow will show only when you equip bow.
so your character head will shown in other weapon, begone you damn BIG quiver!

- in menu merchant barter, container, enchant, repair : equip helm, shield, arrow
in menu inventory : you can press 'F' button in here to equip helm, shield, arrow temporarily
this is for inventory management differ what item is equiped by player or not, so player not accidentally sell helm & shield

Please thanks the original mod creator for their idea & script this mod is just modification of original idea.
I make this mod because desperation of other mod that not show/helm shield correctly & the effect will diminish
so... I made a personal tweak
If this mod is popular enough I think gonna make preset mod for clothes, so player can fit preset equipment in certain condition such as town, battle, etc.

No helmet mods by Da Mage
Toggle Shield and Quiver by Invocus

No persistant enchantment glow fix uploaded by kweeky

You will NOT find this mod elsewhere, if you found this mod in other sites THAT file is unauthorized & PLEASE tell me ASAP
This is just my little contribution for Nexus & the community hope you like it. Oblivion is my first best custom personal game

Thanks to Master Forli my modding skill is improved
Thank you Bethesda! Thx Nexus! Thanks creative modders all of you give many great inspirations!

My other mod

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