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Inspired on character designs from the Warcraft world

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Sylvanas Armor Variations
TES IV - Oblivion

What's this thing?
Sylvanas Windrunner armor variations from the Warcraft franchise.
Comes in 8 color variations named after certain characters I googled from Warcraft lore, or were just the first thing that came to my mind..

-Alextrazsa is red with golden tones
-Alleria (Windrunner) is green
-Archmage is white... slighly inspired by Jaina Proudmoore's colors even though she wasnt an elven ranger and her outfit is different.
-Celestial is light blue
-Lich is black with a few golden tones
-Sylvanas is original alive Sylvanas Windrunner armor, before she became undead.
-SylvanasDarkRanger is purple and the official undead Sylvanas armor
-Vereesa (Windrunner) is sligtly brown-ish

Comes in 2 body types and a total of 6 variations
-HGEC: C, D and E Cup. M Lowerbody
-ZKEC: C, D and Explorer E. Normal Lowerbody

Note that ZKEC D is my own modification of ZKEC Body Which I use for one of my characters.
I've provided a separate download containing the "template body" I call ZKEC D Cup

-An Exnem compatible body (For textures) This probably means either HGEC or ZKEC
-A BBB Compatible skeleton. Either Growlf's, Coronerras or a more updated one which you can find in other places. The more bones the better.
-TES IV Oblivion

-Drag Folders to Oblivion/Data Folder
-Put esp file in Oblivion/Data folder
-Activate esp

-Delete all files from this mod

-Should be compatible with anything. Just remember to have the proper requirements.

-Testingall (open your console in game, then type coc testinghall and you'll teleport) On a chest in there.

Q: My boobs are stretching to infinity, wat do?
A: That means you didnt read the requirements because you dont have a BBB compatible skeleton
Q: My boobs are stretching to infinity on first person, wat do?
A: That one can be tricky... boob bones are not always included in 1st person skeletons. But I believe either VipCxj High Heels mod's skeleton or Coronerra's contains a proper first person skeleton with functional boob bones. In any case Oblivion Reloaded changes 1'st person skeleton to third getting rid of that issue and giving you perspective in game.
Q: But I dont like BBB!
A: Animations are independent from the skeleton. The only thing a Skeleton does, is support those animations if they are required, and also support any piece of clothing rigged to that skeleton. If you dont have BBB animations the game cannot play any. But clothing is attached to certain bones, and the skeleton MUST have those bones in order to properly support that particular piece of clothing, or else stretching may happen.
Q: Can't find the clothes where are they?
A: Read the readme again.
Q: Can you convert it to XXXXXXXXXXXXL breast?
A: No. But I can suggest a very good tool to convert outfits by yourself wich is at kgtools.com. There are also some tutorials I'm working on which should help finishing the job and getting started on Blender
Q: It doesnt work...
A: It should. But if it's not working then you probably missed something or you are installing it wrong. Please BE SPECIFIC when describing any issue and I'll do my best to assist you in any way I can.
Q: Hurr durr! troll!
A: F%#k off.

Tools Used:
-Photoshop CS6

-Bethesda for Oblivion
-RAIAR and Exnem for HGEC Body
-Ziitch for ZKEC Body
-Blizzard for concept
-Me for all the original models
-Darigaz17 for pictures and testing
-Sasha136667 for pictures and testing

Q: Can I..??
A: Yes you can. (If you credit...)
Q: Skyrim?
A: Please port it if you like. Just remember to CREDIT
Q: Profit?


And that's about it.
Hope you enjoy!
Best Wishes
The Alchemist