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PLAYER HOME... Some people make money on dungeon runs. Others work their way up the ladder at the Fighter's Guild. You made your money the old fashioned way - you married into it. Your recently deceased father-in-law has left you his castle upstream from Bravil, where the Corbolo River empties into the Niben Bay. Welcome to your new home

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I recently dusted off my copy of Oblivion and decided to give it another go.  This is a player house mod that I created some time ago and never got around to posting on Nexus.  BTW, RIP OblivionRealEstate.com.


Some people make money on dungeon runs.  Others work their way up the ladder at the Fighter's Guild.  You made your money the old fashioned way - you married into it.  Your recently deceased father-in-law has left you his castle upstream from Bravil, where the Corbolo River empties into the Niben Bay.  Welcome to your new home!  (A map marker will be provided in-game after you install the mod.)

This description page is fairly long.  If you only want to read the essentials, skip ahead to the REQUIREMENTS, INSTALLATION and CONFLICTS sections.



Due to its unique location along these waterways, Cadbury Castle has become an important commercial center for the region.  Ships arrive laden with goods from other provinces in Tamriel.  Jensine's sister has established a general store across from the castle to service these customers.  On the weekends, vendors and customers from eastern Cyrodiil flock to the fair grounds north of the general store to trade and barter.  You can find some unique goods for sale at the fair, including rare weapons and "artisan" level alchemy equipment.


The static alchemy equipment in the Lab & Office is essentially standard Cobl.  It will automatically determine, store and use your best alchemy equipment, even the rare artisan equipment that you can find at the weekend county fair.  To open the alchemy menu using your best equipment, simply select any of the apparatus that appear on the table.  When you finish creating potions, the best apparatus in your inventory will be returned to the table.  If for some reason you wish to retrieve the apparatus without opening the alchemy menu, just select the table itself.


Near the alchemy equipment is a cabinet to store your potions.  Opening this cabinet activates the standard Cobl alchemical sorter. In addition to storing ingredients, you can:

•  Retrieve ingredients by name or effect.

•  Retrieve the edible foods that are currently stored in the sorter (if you have a Cobl-aware hunger mod installed).

•  Put away and retrieve potions.

•  Put away and retrieve scrolls.

(Functionality is limited without OBSE.  See the REQUIREMENTS section.)

When retrieving ingredients by effect, there is an option to "Make Potions."  Do not use this shortcut; activate the static alchemy equipment instead to ensure you are using your best available equipment.


If you explore the castle's dungeon, you'll find that the line separating Tamriel from the realm of Oblivion has started to blur.  In addition to some dremora who don't seem very happy to see you, you'll find a door that, when activated, allows a scamp to slip into the cave.  You may want to take advantage of this to hone your skills on a relatively weak opponent.


Most flora at the entrance to the castle and in the courtyard respawn ingredients twice a week, regardless of how often you enter the cells. You will find additional ingredients in the Cellar underneath the kitchen and on the balcony off the Lord's Manor.  (You may find the countess out on the balcony at sunset enjoying the spectacular view!)  Additionally, there is a working farm nearby.  You may pick your own ingredients, of course, but every few days the Gardener will also place the freshest produce in a barrel for your use.


There are two altars in the storage room.  If you have received the L30 version of Dawnfang/Duskfang, you can use these altars to recharge the weapon and ensure you have the "Superior" version.  (If you have the L20 or L25 version of these weapons, you may upgrade it at the altar once you reach L30.)  You may also choose the weapon you want -- Dawnfang Superior or Duskfang Superior -- at any time of day by activating the applicable altar.  I have also *slighty* adjusted the stats of the weapons you get from these altars.

If you have exploited any of the glitches that allow you to receive duplicates of Dawnfang or Duskfang, the altars will probably not work with the duplicates.  You should only use the original weapon at the altars.


There are two secret areas in the castle.  The first should be relatively easy to find just by looking around for unique items in the castle.  It leads to a quick, leveled battle with some Elven pirates that is a bit tougher than your typical boss encounter.  If you happen to stumble into this area and are not prepared for the fight, you may fast-travel out.

There is also a utility tunnel running underneath the castle.  It is more difficult to access.  If you happen to find the entrance at a low level, turn around and come back later.  If you feel brave enough to enter, bring a bow and plenty of arrows.  Items with resist/reflect magic and reflect damage will also be very helpful down here.  If you make it to the end, you may find out where your father-in-law met his untimely demise and lost his shield and the family seal.


There are 25 new NPCs in and around the castle.  For added realism, some of them have unique dialog options and others may only be seen on certain days.  The countess has rather extensive AI packages that make her schedule particularly realistic (at least when the Oblivion engine properly executes it).

There are also new villains in the secret areas, some of whom have unique spells, combat styles and equipment.


•  Magic fountain near the castle entrance provides a nice buff for your next adventure
•  Working sinks in kitchen and bath
•  Escaping convict in the dungeon (Your lazy guard seems oblivious to the activity, but the convict seems to have stumbled upon a dremora who will likely stop the escape attempt for you.)
•  Sauna in the Bath that - over time - will first heal you, then restore your abilities, and finally cure any diseases.


This mod requires Shivering Isles and COBL (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/21104).  You should activate COBL_Main.esm; none of the other COBL esp options are required for this mod to work.  (However, there's really no harm and a lot of benefits to activating the COBL_Glue, COBL_SI and COBL_Tweaks esp's. If you want to learn more about COBL, see http://wryemusings.com/Cobl.html#Introduction.)  OBSE (http://obse.silverlock.org/) is highly recommended for full functionality.


Use of a mod manager (e.g., NMM, OBMM, Wrye Bash) is strongly recommended for installation of this mod. (This is true of any other mod that includes significant data files.) No special steps are needed for installation. If you've installed a few oblivion mods, you know the drill.  If you really want to install the mod manually, then:

1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.
3. Copy files to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\
4. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file(s).

If you're tempted to clean this mod's esp with TESEdit, I do NOT recommend that you do so.  The records it identifies as ITM are intentional and are self-contained within this mod (i.e., they will NOT cause confilcts with other mods).


You used a mod manager to install it, right?  Just uninstall with those same programs.


This mod makes extensive changes to the area around cells 20, -2 to 23, -1 in Tamriel (where the Corbolo River empties into the Niben Bay, across from Fort Aurus).  It will conflict with any other mod that changes these cells.

On the 17th - 19th of every month, the Countess takes a trip to the Imperial City to do some shopping.  While there, she sleeps at the Tiber Septim hotel.  You may get some whacky AI behavior if another mod utilizes this same bed.


Your FPS will probably take a noticeable dip around the exterior of the castle on the weekends, when the county fair occurs.  I tried to exercise some restraint with the mod here, but I needed to go for a "busy" look at the fair to make it believable.  It would be tough on your computer to have all these objects and this activity in an interior cell; doing it in an exterior cell only on the weekends adds even more complexity for your computer to deal with.  I really don't expect it to be a major issue for 99% of players.  However, those of you with older computers may want to test your FPS around the fair before becoming too invested in this mod.


Version 1.0 (from beta)
•  Adjusted mesh and stats for Masamune's Prize
•  Added scripts to force game to initiate proper weather for Royal Quarters and Courtyard
•  Added similar tweak (force weather) to portal script for improved stability
•  Tweaked interior lighting
•  Fixed two cosmetic problems with the General Store's interior meshes and changed a couple of their textures
•  Fixed some objects that were miraculously (though unintentionally) floating in the air in the Chapel (formerly Priory).
•  Tweaked stats of Hatreds Business End and Dawnfang/Duskfang
•  Made some cosmetic changes to the Great Hall and Lab/Office
•  Created new combat style for dremora archers in Utility Tunnel.  Also nerfed their armor enchantment and added another spawn.
•  Cleaned up some excess statics in the Storage room
•  Fixed typos
•  Fixed a pathing issue around fair grounds
•  Lowered some static objects and a bush that were floating near the stables
•  Fixed fair vendor's merchant container (which was causing certain goods to not respawn)
•  Added script for elf deck hand
•  Changed enchantment cost of Staff of Aegis
•  Added Lady's Mantle to Courtyard
•  Tweaked lighting to avoid nvidia black screen bug


Some day, I hope to find time to:

•  Make a version of the mod with a count instead of a countess if there is any demand for that.
•  Figure out how to keep koi in the pond (versus flopping around on the ground nearby).
•  Figure out why I can't get distant LOD for the castle even after updating it in CS.
•  I made the scamps used for practice fights quest items (so their corpses would not despawn). This is somewhat inefficient.  I believe it is possible to turn off the "quest item" status via script and hope to figure out how this is done.

I made this mod about five years ago and still haven't found time to do these things, so don't hold your breath!


With one exception, you can reuse any of the meshes, textures or scripts that ***I created*** in this mod, as long as (1) you give me appropriate credit and (2) you do not profit from them.  I would appreciate it if you notify me (I'd be thrilled to see my work used elsewhere), but it's not absolutely necessary.  The exception relates to some of the new paintings, which were based on photographs I've taken.  If you want to re-use these paintings, you must obtain my explicit permission beforehand.  ***Keep in mind that much of the work I did on this mod was just to consolidate the work done by others.  If you want to reuse an object created by someone else (see the CREDITS section), their own licensing/legal requirements apply.***  

I tried to create a folder structure that would facilitate tracking the creators of the various meshes and textures.  If you can't figure out who to credit based on my general descriptions below in CREDITS, look at the folder structure for the mesh in the Construction Set, then look at the folder structure of the textures in NifSkope.  (Note that the creator of a mesh is not always the creator of the textures that mesh uses in my mod.)  Only if a file is in a parent "AAA" folder should you give me credit for its creation.  If a file is in a sub-folder of an AAA folder, you should credit the relevant creator (as noted in the name of the sub-folder).

FYI, if the filename of a mesh/tex (not the object name in the CS) in another creator's folder has an "AAA" prefix, I made minor changes to the creator's original work.  You don't necessarily need to give me credit for these files, but the original author may not wish to be blamed for anything I screwed up!  So you should either download the original work (all of which can be found on TESNEXUS.COM and/or OBLIVIONREALESTATE.COM) or mention in your credits that I made alterations to the author's original work.  If none of this makes any sense to you, just PM me and I'll tell you who to credit. :)


A ton of credit for this mod goes to WillieSea.  In particular, the library, bath, kitchen, guest quarters and staff quarters are basically straight out of his Ancient Towers mod. Any ugly changes to these cells were my doing.  Anything beautiful in them was probably straight from his mods.  (He credits Phoenixamon for the fireplace in the library.  He also used resources from Xiamara and Phitt, who are credited below.)  I also used some of his marble textures throughout my interior cells and a modified version of his fountain buff script and jewel fountain in the Great Hall.  When I started making this mod, I knew very little about modding.  I can't count the number of times I faced a problem and though to myself "WillieSea did something similar in his mod... let's open it up in the CS and see how he did it."

I also used a lot of work by Mr_Siika, including the port crane, elven ship, seagulls, cows and many of the fair stalls/tents.  The cellar and guard tower are substantially the same cells as are found in the Castle SeaView mod, created by Mr Siika, Centurion & Rung.

As noted above, the alchemy equipment and sorter scripts are from Cobl.  Credit is due to Daleth, Haama and Waruddar for their work.  One day I may get around to figuring out how to best utilize other Cobl resources in updating this mod.

The rich wood textures for the interior meshes, as well as the exterior of the general store, were created by Raistlin2002.  He also created many of the chests used in the storage room.  Thanks to miketee721 for making me aware of these great resources by posting them on TESNEXUS.

Open books, ayleid urns and carafes, room dividers, armor dummies, and the longer castle rugs were all created by Meo, who seems to have a real knack for creating some of the best clutter you could ask for.

Many of the tables/containers and bookshelves used in the castle, the chaise lounge in the Lab/Office, and the two good looking chairs in the Great Hall were created by Exilehunter.  I also pulled a few resources from his Amaterasu No Yume house mod, including the stunning "Tansu" (cupboard) in the Great Hall, a bath mat and a jewelry box.  Exilehunter credits kielanai for the Tansu and bath mat, and xmirror for the jewelry box.

Xiamara provided the beautiful mirrors and much of the other furniture.  My windows were also based on Xia's work.

Zimnel reupholstered some of Xiamara's sofas and chairs; they are used in the Royal Quarters, the balcony, and the Great Hall.

The new sofas and chairs in the General Store and Staff Quarters were resources from Pendraia.

Aisis created the bed used in the Royal Quarters and a couple of the paintings (one in the bathroom and one in the Great Hall).

The foundation of Cadbury Castle is literally the cliff resources created by Lordrahl.

Many of the fair vendors weapons and other goods (including the not-very-practical-but-a-heck-of-a-lot-of-fun Chocobo pants) were based on the work done by LordMaddog in his Fantasy Mod (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=10416).  

Script for teleport to houses was from Tom Supergan's ArmoryLab, one of the first mods for Oblivion that I ever installed and the inspiration for me to download the Construction Set and poke around behind the scenes.  (Used with permission.)

The beautiful pianos are based on the work of David Whitefang.  I made some minor changes to increase FPS around them without (I hope!) ruining their original beauty.

For what I believe to be the best shield in the game, I used a mesh/tex from the Battledress armor mod by cgramnaes, who was nice enough to permit me to use them in this mod.

The lovely weather around the castle environs is courtesy of Vince Bly and the "fair weather" script he used in his Abandoned Mountain Shack mod.  (You may see a little rain on some occasions in my mod - I skipped a backup script Vince used so I could simplify things.)  NOTE: This script may not be working with my recent reinstall.  If you have problems too, blame me, not Vince Bly.  I may get around to fixing it...

The beautiful new area rugs in the castle were created by Lady Li.  She is also responsible for some of the wall hangings in the Lab/Office and Bathroom.

The two new tapestries in the Dining Hall were from EFG's EFGTapestries.

Around the fair grounds, I added a canoe and some neat boiling soup that were resources from Koniption.

Phitt created the fish tanks used in the library.  (Both WillieSea and I made some minor alterations to the version used in this mod.)

Texian created the water static resource that plays a small but important role in this and 100s of other mods.

The blue and white porcelain in the castle (primarily in the dining hall) is courtesy of Merilia on TESNEXUS (aka Deandra).  The porcelain design is based partly on Meissen's classic Zwiebelmuster (Onion pattern).

Edocsil provided the mesh and texture on which the fireplace tools in the Library were based.

Many of the statics in the fairground are based on resources from EbeneezerSquid.

The hottub is Puff's Ye Olde Jacuzzi from Pufthemajicdragon on TESNEXUS.

Anoriel created the Cyrodiil Wall map in the Lab/Office.

Exnem created the meshes/textures for the sexy swimsuit the Countess uses.

The new flower arrangements were courtesy of Phaedra.

Phaedra's flowers were based on a photo from CG Textures, which requires the following credits: "One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with images from CGTextures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit www.cgtextures.com for more information."

I used TESAnnwyn to generate the duplicate worldspace in which I placed the General Store.  I have listed it in the TOOLS USED section below. However, because it is a relatively unknown tool that I found so incredibly useful, I thought I'd plug it in this section too!

Thanks to OBLIVIONREALESTATE.COM and TESNEXUS for hosting some great mods that I not only used as resources, but for inspiration as well.

Thanks to Bethesda for a great game and, perhaps more importantly, the Construction Set.

If I messed up the credits in any way, it was not intentional.  If you notice a mistake, punch me in the arm (or send me a PM), and I'll get it corrected.


7-Zip - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15579
Blender - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=12248
NIFSkope - http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifSkope
Oblivion Mod Manager - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2097
Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) - http://obse.silverlock.org/
Photoshop - http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/
TES4Edit - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=11536
TES Construction Set - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=11367
TES4Files - http://mentalelfz.com/tes4files.html
TESAnnwynn - http://projectmanager.f2s.com/morrowind/TESAnnwyn.html