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Adds a medium-sized, buyable Manor, in various locations across Tamriel (currently one location offered), depending on which package is installed and used.

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- This mod was built using the latest Oblivion patch, Shivering Isles, and Knights of the Nine DLCs (Game of the Year Edition), with TESIV Construction Set, Version 1.2.404.
- The mod was built using only standard Oblivion meshes, without any custom-made files. 
- Adds a medium-sized, buyable Manor in various locations across Tamriel, depending on which package is installed and used.
- In order to buy it, talk to Anthar, the Steward. He will be available between 12:00 and 16:00 around the property, outside of the building. Please note that if you visit the Manor earlier or later than this time frame, he will be inside, and the entrance door is locked with a key (obtained via purchasing the house). The price of the Manor is 20000 Gold.

- The living hall and kitchen are located on the first floor.
- The second floor features two bedrooms, with a small bathroom and a small study. All containers from the two upstair bedrooms are set to non-respawnable, which means that it is safe to store items in them. Any of the two rooms can be used as a master bedroom.
- The basement contains the servants' quarters and a guest bedroom.
- There are two Guards, one Steward, and one Hunter serving the Manor, who also offer various services and training.

- Modders' Resource - Contains two folders: signed and unsigned. The files contained within each folder are identical, with the exception that the signed files contain the author's signature and mod description. This was done due to a bug in which TESIV Construction Set crashes when you try to modify the mod information (author and description), which would render the file corrupt beyond repair. In this instance, the information was edited with third party software (Wrye Bash 3.05). The unsigned files should be used only in case of crashes or corrupt files. The "1.Pinewood Manor - Base" file contains the Manor located in its own interior worldspace, without any NPCs, scripts, or objects added. The "2.Pinewood Manor - Final" file contains the fully featured Manor, located in its own worldspace. This approach enables players to create their own versions, should the locations supplied prove to be unsatisfactory.
- Pinewood Manor - Cheydinhal - Contains two folders: signed and unsigned (see above). The Manor is located in County Cheydinhal, just north-west of the town of Cheydinhal, high in the Jerall Mountains and south of Azura's Shrine.
- Additional locations may be added over time.
- Screenshots located in the Screenshots folder.
- Readme located in the Readme folder.

- Make a backup of your saved game.
- Make sure that your character is not located in any of the modified regions prior to installation.
- Download the archive.
- Extract the contents of the archive in any location.
- Decide in which location would you like to have the Manor and then enter the corresponding folder.
- If no issue ensues (I have tested the files on my PC and there were no errors, however, I uploaded the unsigned just in case), you should use the files contained inside the "Signed" folder. 
- Copy the contents of the desired Pinewood Manor location into the Data folder of Oblivion.
- Example: if you want to install the Manor located in County Cheydinhal, copy the contents of Pinewood Manor - Cheydinhal\Signed or Unsigned to Oblivion\Data.
- Run the Oblivion Launcher and tick Pinewood Manor from Data Files.
- Enjoy!

- Disable the mod from Data Files.
- Delete the .esp file.

- There are no voice acted conversations. I have been unable to generate silent mp3s, since TES4Gecko, for some reason, won't work on my Windows 8 based PC. As a result, subtitles may fade away too quickly, but this won't affect the main functionalities of the mod. You can, however, use Elys Universal Silent Voice to prevent subtitles from disappearing too quickly.
- This mod does not come with DistantLODs.
- The Manor will conflict with any other mods that modify the location of choice.
- The Modders' Resource Files should not conflict with any other mod, as the entire Manor was built in its own worldspace, with no modification performed on standard scripts, variable, NPCs, or objects.
- Multiple versions of this Manor located in different locations can be used.
- Please report any additional incompatibilities.
- I have tested the mod thoroughly and I have not encountered any issues in the final release, sudden crashes or any problem, other than the above mentioned. So, prior to submitting bug reports, please make sure that it is not your other mods that are causing the issue(s).

- If you wish to contribute and create additional locations for this Manor, a few things will have to be taken consideration (see below).
- In the Modders' Resource folder you can choose between the base version (the Manor without NPCs, factions or scripts, just the environment) or the fully featured Manor.
- Due to the Construction Set's bug (mentioned above) regarding editing mod author and description, it is recommended that you use the unsigned files and then use Wrye Bash to change mod information.
- All cells, objects, NPCs, Scripts have "aaTM" prefix in their Editor ID, to facilitate immediate identification.
- aaTMPinewoodManorExteriorTestCell contains the exterior of the Castle, with path grids drawn. 
- In order to port the Manor into the world, copy the contents (excluding the North Marker) of aaTMPinewoodManorExteriorTestCell in the area of your choice.
- You will have to remap all exterior doors to connect their interior counterparts (previously connected to aaTMPinewoodManorExteriorTestCell).
- Check to make sure that North Markers correspond to the actual North of Tamriel. If you changed the orientation, you will have to adjust North Markers in all cells.
- Re-connect NPCs (Anthar, Helga) to their corresponding exterior markers (from their AI packages).
- Adjust the path grid in the area of the Manor.
- Look for the object called aaTMPinewoodManorDeedofOwnership (Books category) and modify the text contained therein to reflect the actual County it is located in. For example, County Cheydinhal in the case of Pinewood Manor - Cheydinhal.
- Modify the dialogue of Anthar so that when he mentions the Manor's current ownership, it reflects the county it is located in.
- Add a Map Marker to allow fast travel.
- Perform any cosmetic modifications you see fit so the Manor blends nicely into the surrounding area (you may have to change the flora so that it reflects the surrounding environment and climate accordingly).
- Possible future quests related to the Manor, again if any skilled scripter would like to help, please contact me.

- Version 1.0 - Initial Release.
- Version 1.1 - Anthar the Steward now mentions the price of the Manor in his dialogue box.
- Version 1.2 - Fixed a bug involving Helga the Huntress. She will now correctly eat her breakfast at the table from her quarters from 6:00 AM until 8:00 AM.
- Version 1.3 - Helga the Huntress will now correctly unequip her armor and weapon when eating and sleeping.

- If you wish to use parts or the entire mod in your work, or want to translate the mod in a different language, no special permissions are required, as long as you give proper credit. In the case you create new location versions, you can request me to repack the entire mod to contain your work and you will be credited, or, you can upload it individually without any special permission, as long as you quote me as the original creator of the Manor.

- Bethesda Softworks, for providing the game and TESIV Construction Set.
- Wrye Bash Team for providing the utility called Wrye Bash.