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A new race to Oblivion (Descendants Rune East).
Contains only women.

Permissions and credits

Descendants Rune East

Version: 1.0
Release date (initial mod): 04/07/2015
Author: kenmaster31


Add a playable race in the game, only female.
Their total attributes are vanilla.

The supreme magician Traven, in a desperate attempt to kill the Daedra, sealed powerful runes with prisoners in exchange for freedom.
This experiment has not gone as expected Traven ...
Today there are some specimens that survived and escaped.
Descendants Rune south, are great illusionists.

Bugs and incompatibilities:

It is possible that some effect or magic is in Spanish.
If an issue please contact kenmaster31 in www.nexusmods.com


HGEC body Replacer.
Oblivion latest version (1.2.0416).
Custom race fix.


Extract the contents into your Oblivion\Data folder and activate .esp included.


Delete the following folders and files:

Descendants Rune East.esp


-fisherfish for The Valkyrie Cyborgs (my race is based on it).
-throttlekitty for the Head06, textures headhuman, Meshes and eyelashes.
-scanti for merged teeth and mouth.
-Lucha and Anto for Coolsims hairstyles.
-Ren for SKS Ren hairstyles.
-babe for babehair.
-peggy for peggyhairstyles.
-chakaru11 for Belphe's eyes
.-krista for the base Body normal (and fisherfish for their modifications).
-Me (kenmaster31) for recolor the textures of the body, hands, head, and ears.
-erika1985 for his help with the artwork.
-RAIAR and Madcat221 for HGEC.
-Thank to LazMonk for Resource Tribal Tattoos and their authors:Jeremy Eckhart, jakofheartz, commiealex, Tanesh, Glyph, SLRdesign and BlueEyesFairy for Their awesome tattoo designs.
-pekap29 for Oblivion Fonts.
-Bethesda Softworks for Oblivion and Construction Set.
-Nexusmods.com for the web site.
-Thanks to Everyone who has created a body or face texture.
-Thanks to all the people who make mods.
-Thanks to all the people who play oblivion.
Please understand that my native language is not English.
If I forget to thank someone for their work please tell me.
I've just compiled your excellent work my way and changed some textures and edited based race with CS.


This mod and its contents is free and is not for sale under any circumstances.
You can freely use my mod, giving credit to the respective creators and me (See conditions for each author).

Tools used:

Construction set.
Wyre bash.

About the mod:

This is 3/4 mods colection.
1/4 Descendants Rune South.
2/4 Descendants Rune North.