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AVISE: ESP, FXAA, MOON, SUN, and ENB. All in one enb. {And do not forget to turn on esp}

It's a big leap to TESoblivion.
He receives similar graph of recent games in 2015 as "wicther 3".
I do not say better or worse ...
I think one giant leap for TESoblivion because it shows that he has the

Permissions and credits

this mod into oblivion, please read below ...


Dark red now (back) in skyrim ...


AVISE:  ESP, FXAA, MOON, SUN, and ENB. 5 mods in one!! {And do not forget to turn ESP, IN MOD]  (not like one? then evaluate other. for sure, u may have endorsed, anything but silly. Or a simple moon lonely in another mod.)

Example: In this picture we see the mod moon. It is very beautiful, right? An air of "doomsday" is a partner who did in Skyrim, and said that he could use in my mod, and trasportei it to oblivion. But in this picture, we see a glow in magic, below (the brightness is below, but it is visible) and that's FXAA and one of ENB files working together to make this beautiful effect (who gave a lot of work to find out). The same is seen in torches and lights on (many already endorsed by just that in separate mods) Anyway, consider the 5 mods, could put everything separately. Or not put, I do not gain anything by it. Sò headache. And a thank her, is approved"A THANK YOU" IS ENDORSED :

make no mistake, dont there is more mod Beautiful in the sun. Regarding the sun file.
I see people "indorsando" only the mod, sun, in other mods ... Here the sun was Also sued, but not only him (Here it is: many mods in one)


OBSE V 21, this improves the sunlight
QRL texture Http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/18498/(the mod greatly improves the definition of textures, making it real.)

It's a big leap to TESoblivion.
He receives similar graph of recent games in 2016 as "wicther 3".
I do not say better or worse ...
I think one giant leap for TESoblivion because it shows that he has the capacity to grow equal to skyrim and other games. And for me, it passed the quality of skyrim ...
I've done a mod Skyrim, and I tell the TESoblivion passed the quality of Skyrim, even the best, and ultra grafic with best enb the moment ... (In my view) ... 
this is my mod of the skyrim http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/5138/
It pioneered of the change the sky, at a time not mundava sky.
Anyway, I hope you like, I was almost a year of work (slowly it), discovering all the details, and can even improve. And i can improve!!
but... It also depends on Boris eNB to improve the technology.
Sincerely I felt God often by my side when I did this mod. And perhaps this is why he managed to stay so beautiful as well. A huge improvement graph into oblivion ... and friends, nor need I endorse (of course if you do, i appreciate) but .... I ask you to at least try to find understand IT. Find it. It is true. And loves you ... and save you. Need not "endorse", put these words in his heart.
Sorry my inglês is bad

Heads Up:
The mod has two distinct versions. One is for the original sky.
The other is for atmosphere v2. (The v3, not to clariar)http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45688/?
Below the photos, original and mod that changes the sky.


both are beautiful ... make your choice, not the Atmosphere v3 advice, he does not give to lighten the sky.
version sky atmosphere: http://www.4shared.com/rar/nSGkNEVuce/DR_tech_FOR_ATMOSPHERE_MOD__SK.html?

Play in the folder where you have the .EXE game. Or launcher. (C: \ Games \ The Elder Scrolls IV OBLIVION)

Delete all the files you put in this folder.

Credits for Boris: http://enbdev.com/

My other mod (Legend of Zelda orchestrated music, and others): http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/46273/?


oblivion 2015 dr tec. vs Wicther 3  2° video

blivion 2015 dr tec. vs Wicther 3  1° video

Only mod:

know the ancient mod "Dark Red", of skyrim


Recommendation (to avoid bugs):
One: Use the "OBMM" urgent! (http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/2097/?) This here, set a mods load order. Note! Note whether "OBLIVION.ESM" this first list of mods, if not it's strange errors.
Secondly, at least: using OBSE 21, the further improvement graph (http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/37952/?). Note: obser create a new shortcut, after installation, you must open the game to another ".exe", called "OBSE_LOADER". And simple ... And just that.
Third. And if you can use: QRL texture (Http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/18498/) This is famous. and .. and good improvement Many game, and even as the average textures, the textures are with amazing details .. And this mod increases the level of detail of these textures.

And... I advise having your oblivion at most update. 12.4 if I remember correctly.

To take the edges of "movie"
Go to enbeffect.txt and put "//" before #define HD6_VIGNETTE
To turn the black lines, open SweetFX_settings.txt and go to the line #define USE_BORDER then set it to 0

bug (conflit mods)

Well after the release of the mod that I worked,
I received a message especially in private, and especially Quemon, complaining that the skin was CLARA. And then, and I saw that this is not a good sign. I did the mod to darken OO And it real; fresh air. Create more sparkles and etc ... Ate a blade to attack shines ...
And I did not understand how his unchecked. And I walked around and saw a mod "v3 Setting" and many people used! And I tested, and he had a beautiful sky, but issued a light down. and ground was clear (the clarity of the sky, which reaches the ground, it is easy to fix) in amending the skin. But the DR, not Surti effect on A.V3 to facilitate the sky is always black, even in daylight ...
In any event, my mod gave conflicting with v3, v3 with the sky (which is really fine textures), but not of.
But I tested your V2, atmosferaV2 and gave a beautiful result!
For those who complained of clarity on the skin (and floor) I ask to try the new version, to use the atmosphere V2, and he does not make the skin glow

PS: Unfortunately I'll have to leave the link in the post, and that Wherefore: the Nexus blocked me for seven days, I have; attaching a mod of several songs, saying they should have "copyright" (only a warning was not enough?) ... Anyway ta messages.

Avise: and making it clear: if you want to use the atmosphere, use the v2, v3 not because que n'ao there are clear the clouds of the day, (seemingly overnight).

sample as is? http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/Images/156906/?