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Most of my tiny retextures, tweaks, and revisions in one place. You will probably find something you like in here.

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Khettienna's Mini-Mods

I make a lot of... um, stuff.  Most of what you will find here are tiny mods I've made over the years to suit my own in-game preferences or learn new skills.  However, these mods are so tiny that I thought it prudent to just group them all together in one place.  Some you will have seen floating around Nexus and TES Alliance before, some you will have never seen.  None are particularly exciting or have a large impact on your game.  Many of these are tweaks to other mods, or homebrew iterations of other tiny tweak mods where what was offered just didn't quite suit me.

All resources have been optimized and include UOP fixes where applicable, and all plugins have been cleaned with TES4Edit for best compatibility.

The individual mods do not contain documentation, but the readme is posted here for reference.

You may also download everything in one bundle.  The mods are still in separate folders within the bundle, so you can pick and choose what you like, and install them easily, with or without Bash.  The bundle also includes the Readme.

Recent Updates:
  • 2017-08-19 Improved the awful UV mapping of the corner posts of the stone beds in the Shivering Isles.
  • 2017-08-19 Added a "higher res" version of Crucible Sewage Retex.
  • 2017-08-17 Cleaned and reassigned masters appropriately for The Ayleid Steps GRV&WS Addon plugins.  Added upload of cleaned plugins for the Glowing & Respawning Varla & Welkynd Stone mod by me & The Vyper for archival purposes; it is not contained in the main download, as it isn't really part of KMM.

Better Basement Door -- Replaces those dirty rotten basement doors with either the stock Chorrol-style or Cheydinhal-style doors, your choice.  Switched Oblivion stock.

Chorrol Architecture UV Tweaks -- There's a couple of strange bits of UV mapping in the Chorrol Mages Guild hall, where wood beams didn't line up on the landings of the stair cases.  I fixed them.  The jobs aren't perfect, as I'm not a modeler, but they were still improvements worth making.  At least now they won't be distractingly off.

Crucible Sewage Retex -- Replaces the pukey-looking sewage in Crucible with dark, wet mud.  Prior, this was a direct texture replacement; however, it is now a mesh replacer that uses stock textures, so it will use any high-res texture replacers you have (such as QTP).  Edited Oblivion stock.  ***NEW*** Also added a "higher res" version that includes texture scaling.  It does introduce some tiling, but you're not likely to notice because you won't often be looking at these objects from far away.  Intended for use with vanilla or otherwise low-res textures.

Garridan's Tears Retex -- Darkened the stock texture to make it just a little easier to see with HDR enabled.

Hourglass Sand Retex -- Seriously, purple sand?!  Edited Oblivion stock.

Middle Class Oval Rug Retex -- Just sharpens the color of the stock texture.  The difference is so subtle that it's not worth a screenshot, but you'll see it in-game.

Mist Ground Effect Reduced -- Reduces the opacity of the mist effect you often see in dungeons.  This is especially helpful with HDR enabled, as sometimes that mist just gets too darned bright.  This is a mesh replacer that will pick up stock textures or replacers.  Edited Oblivion stock.

LC Interior Retex -- Switches the texture for the floor in lower class wood houses, like the ones at the IC Waterfront, to a warm wooden floor, and replaces the muddy ceiling texture with wood beams.  Credits to Greenwarden for the idea.  Edited Oblivion stock.

Paint Palette Retex -- Retexture of the paint palette clutter item found in-game.  Edited Oblivion stock.

Shivering Isles Beds Improved UV -- Somewhat improved the awful UV mapping of the corner posts of the stone beds in the Shivering Isles.  Not a perfect job, but substantially less awful.  An additional version is added that uses the same stone texture as the rest of the bed.  This is a mesh replacer, so it will use any texture replacers you have.  Edited Oblivion stock.

Untempered Glass Gear -- In teaching myself how to edit textures in GIMP, I accidentally made yet another red glass armor/weapons replacer.  I'm so sorry.  Edited Oblivion stock.

Yarn Retex -- Re-tiled the pattern of the stock Oblivion yarn texture to appear finer and higher resolution.

Benirus Manor LOD Fix -- Fixes Benirus Manor missing from your LOD, even with the UOP (for now).  Also fixes the "haunted" version of the manor appearing from outside the city walls when you are close enough to see detail, even after completing the quest.  A RAEVWD version has also been included.  You will need to re-run TES4LODGen after installing this mod for it to truly take effect.

Hunter Birthsign -- Renames "The Thief" to "The Hunter", for RP purposes.  That's all it does.  Yes, really.

Light Spell Recolor Soft Gold -- When you cast a Light spell, it will now have the same type of muted gold color as candlelight does.  Much easier on the eyes.  Not compatible with any mods that edit the Light spell, so probably best used with the vanilla magic system, or use Wrye Bash to limit incompatibilities.

Nerf Alchemy -- I was tired of getting rich and over-skilled in Alchemy, even when it wasn't a major skill for my character, just because I wanted to restock on healing potions.  This mod reduces the impact creating potions and consuming ingredients has on your alchemy skill to 2/5 of what it was previously.  It also halves the value of all player-made potions.  Not compatible with any mods that alter the Alchemy skill or potion creation, or use Wrye Bash to limit incompatibilities.

Put Me In My Place: PlayerInSEWorld -- If you have the Shivering Isles expansion, and you're an avid mod user (or even an avid console command user), then at some point you've likely encountered the "I HAVE NO GREETING" bug.  Casting one of the included spells will fix the bug for you.  If you prefer using console commands instead of having the spells in your spellbook, use your favorite method of spell delete to ditch the spells.  Then use "StartQuest KhPlayerInSEWorldQuest" to register yourself as being IN Shivering Isles, or "StartQuest KhPlayerNotInSEWorldQuest" to register yourself as being OUT of the Isles.  Should you ever want to get your spells back, "StartQuest KhPMIMPGiveSpellsQuest" will give you both spells anew.  Requires Shivering Isles.

Remove Extra Data -- If one of your overstuffed containers isn't showing all of its contents, it's because the items in the container have "extra data".  This includes stolen flags, repair state at over 100%, enchantment charges below 100%, soul gems with partial capacity, etc.  Fire off one of these spells at the container, and it will strip affected items of this extra data, ensuring your containers show all their stuff.  Use this mod with caution, and only when you need to, and also back up your saves!  Requires OBSE.

Stuff Respawns & Respawning Stuff Marked -- Three options: 1) Makes more containers respawn; including clams, sacks, covered pots, ore veins, wilderness containers, torch barrels, jewelry boxes, loot chests, etc.  The SI versions also cause amber/madness ore containers to respawn.  Does not include containers with unique loot (such as key containers, etc.), scripted containers, quest containers, containers intended for player housing, etc. 2) Marks containers that respawn by placing an asterisk (*) at the ends of their names in-game. 3) Both 1 & 2 together in one mod.  Honestly, if you use option 1, you should probably use 3 instead so that you know for sure what containers are safe.  Inherently incompatible with other mods that change containers, but you can use Wrye Bash to get around that.  USE ONLY ONE of the included plugins at a time.  Make SURE you have the Unofficial Oblivion Patch when using these mods, as there may be inaccuracies if used without.

***Note: These mods require the mods they alter to be installed.  You cannot use them without the original mods.***

IC Red Roof Tex for RAEVWD -- There are a few mods out there that recolor the Imperial City rooftops red, but they still look like green copper from a distance with RAEVWD, because RAEVWD uses separate textures.  This replacer will fix that.  Edited RAEVWD's edited Oblivion stock.

High-Res (& Higher-Res) Welkynd Textures for Cobl Ayleid Meteoric Weapons -- Copies portions of my High-Res Varla and Welkynd Texture Replacer to the Ayleid Meteoric Weapons distributed by Cobl.  Credits to Meo for finding these free stock textures, and for the idea to use them for Ayleid stuffs, and to MadCat221 for the original textures as part of the original Ayleid Meteoric Iron Weaponry mod.

Cobl Tokens Droppable -- Allows you to drop the Cobl options token and guide book without being force-fed a new one.  If you find yourself needing these items, however, you can enter "Set KhCoblTokensDroppable.Toggle to 0" in the console (no quotes), and you'll get new ones.  You can set the toggle to off (0) or on (1) anytime you like.  Requires Cobl v1.73; DO NOT USE WITH OTHER VERSIONS.  Load after Cobl Glue.esp.

Elsweyr Lucky Coin Fix -- Fixes the lucky coin you can get so that the bonus is added and removed as intended.  Requires the original Elsweyr, Deserts of Anequina mod.  Load after all other Elsweyr plugins.

Kvatch Rebuilt No More Stoopid Burned Trees Dammit -- This is a band-aid fix for Kvatch Rebuilt 3.0pb5; DO NOT USE WITH OTHER VERSIONS (may work on future versions, but currently untested!).  This prevents you from seeing burned trees around Kvatch even when Kvatch is not under siege.  You must run TES4LODGen to get the full effect after installing this mod.  You must uninstall this mod and run TES4LODGen again to get the burned trees back when Kvatch is under siege.  This will probably get fixed by the KR team, so I am not going to work on it further.  Load after Kvatch Rebuilt.esp.

Kvatch Rebuilt No More Stoopid Double Walls Dammit -- Another band-aid fix that removes the doubled/flickering walls from around Kvatch with Kvatch Rebuilt 3.0pb5; DO NOT USE WITH OTHER VERSIONS (may work on future versions, but currently untested!).  There are two versions; use the "Peace" version unless Kvatch is under siege, in which case, use the "Siege" version.  Do not use both at the same time, or you won't have any walls.  You must rebuild your Bashed Patch (if you have one) and run TES4LODGen to get the full effect after installing this mod, and repeat if you switch versions.  Load after Kvatch Rebuilt.esp.

Leyawiin Woodland Stonewall Normalmap Fix -- Fixes the oddly glowing stone walls introduced by this texture pack.

QTP3R Blocky Sidewalk Fix -- Fixes the blocky, blurry sidewalks found in some city spaces.

Skingrad Modular Door UV Fix for Mikal33's Improved Doors & Flora -- Fixes some of the doors in Skingrad that previously had misaligned textures when using this mod.  Edited Oblivion stock.

The Ayleid Steps GRV&WS Addon -- Applies changes from Glowing & Respawning Varla & Welkynd Stones by me and The Vyper to the Ayleid Ruins found in The Ayleid Steps.  As in our mods, you can choose between respawn times of 7 & 14 days or 14 & 28 days, for welkynd & varla stones, respectively.  USE ONLY ONE of the plugins at a time.  Ervvin, the author of The Ayleid Steps, will rightfully tell you that this is economically unbalancing due to the shifting rarity and value of these stones in-game during the quest.  That said, if you only visit each dungeon once before you have completed his epic quest line, it won't throw your septim game off.  Load after The Ayleid Steps.esp.

Mod Installation Guide
Mod Troubleshooting Guide

If you are the author of any of the mods I have released tweaks for and want my tweak for your mod removed, please message me privately here at Nexus, and I will honor your request immediately.  I am grateful for the work you have done, and aim to be respectful of it.

You may re-use any of this stuff in your own Oblivion mods, as long as you don't charge money for it, you credit me for my work, and you credit anyone I credited for their work.

You may share this stuff freely, as long as you don't charge money for it, and you include my original Readme.

Please enjoy.  =)