About this mod

Hammerfell is a Lore Friendly Expansion to Oblivion. The Entire Region was Created in a Separate Worldspace, Hammerfell is a Harsh Desert Region of Tamerial so there are many High Level Bandits and New Creatures. Currently it's in a Beta Release so there are Many Finished and unfinished Areas.

Permissions and credits
Hammerfell: The Eastern Grasslands Patch

This is a continuation of Hammerfell: The Eastern Grasslands created by LadyNerevar in 2010. everything is included in this release and the original is no longer needed. This project however has been superseded by a far greater version dubbed Daggerfall 3E433, which encapsulates this mod and the original High Rock mod.

Questions and Answers
Q: Will it require a new game?
A: Nope! You will be able to use your existing characters from Oblivion. Just hop over the border, and continue your adventures.

Q: How do I travel to Hammerfell?
A: Bring up the Console ' ~ ' and type, ' cow Hammerfell 14 12 '

Q: How do I uninstall Hammerfell?
A: Simply remove Hammerfell.esm, meshes\Daggerfall and textures\tr

Q: Why am I seeing Brown Invisible Bumps in some places?
A: Since v1.4X I did not regenerate LOD, Please Generate using TES4LODGen or a Preferred Program.

Q: Which mods are incompatible?
A: Hammerfell: The Fix

Q: Why is Hammerfell: The Fix, incompatible?
A: Hammerfell: The Fix was created for TR's Version, Which is now outdated.

Q: I've found a Major Bug, Where do I report it?
A: Start a new Topic in the BUG tab, here on the Nexus.

Q: I want to help with this Mod, Where do I sign up?
A: If you would like to help, You can PM DaggerfallTeam with a brief description of your modding Skills.

Models & Textures
Adanorcil - Aewen - Aiwyn the Breton - Aro101
Balthazar - Ciin - Doxas - Eraser - Eyeball88 - Fairwater
Fishcake - FLESH - Jelle - Joopson - Lady Nerevar
Morden - Mr.Siika - NexUmMonastica - Noirgrim - PoHa! - Syscrusher - Usher7r

Adanorcil - Ayedail - Billay - CleverClothe - FLESH
Lady Nerevar - JonarusDrakus - Nemon
PoHa - ShadowBeast - Tyrion - Rockwell - Vegor - Nex

Heightmap & Region Generation

Noirgrim - Lady Nerevar

Michael Kirkbride (MK) - Defining Hammerfell and continual support of the lore community
Display Name is Already in Use (Vorians) - Assistance and comments
Sload - Contributions to lore and firm guidance of the project
Lutemoth - Establishing Hammerfell's visual style
Noirgrim - Giving TRs start
Sifonseal - Giving Daggerfall Dev the Guidance
Usher7r - Creating Dwemer Art, without the Visuals of the Alik'r nothing would be accomplished.