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This is Bomrets Texture Pack: Shivering Isles v1 with the fixed meshes from the USIP

Permissions and credits
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NOTE: A texture pack for Cyrodiil (where TES4 Oblivion main part of the game takes place) is also available:
Qarl's Texture Pack III Redimized - QTP3 R

Forum thread: http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1510283-relz-mods-modified/


This is Bomret's Texture Pack: Shivering Isles with the meshes from the Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch (which are optimised and fixed) included. With permissions uploaded here on the Nexus as a one file (there is another BTPfSI on the Nexus, but split to couple of files and without the meshes from the UISP). Screenshots by Bomret - if you want to see more of them, look here: BTP:SI


I recommend to install this pack using mod manager of your choice (but not NMM, as it has major problems with Oblivion mods) for the convenience of installation/uninstallation and automatic archive
invalidation, as without it not all new textures may appear (Wrye Bash will do that automatically, in OBMM you have to click some buttons in options). Wrye Bash is the best

You should install this pack after USIP. Because Bomret based his meshes on the early USIP release, the meshes from the newest USIP that have been changed since are included.
It is advised that you use Unofficial Oblivion Patch excessive draw calls fix
It does include meshes from Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch too - so you'll need it to avoid some FPS drops.
You may want to give Kudos to Pherim for this :)

Recommended: Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch (to be installed before this pack)
EngineBugFixes is also highly recommended for stability.
4GB Ram Patcher is also recommended for stability (if you have at least 4GB of RAM).
Oblivion Reloaded is also recommended for stability and graphical enhancements. Don't turn on POM shader, as BTP:SI is already parallaxed.
If you don't want to use Oblivion Reloaded, use other form of memory purging like Purge Cell Buffers ++


Special thanks to Bomret and Arthmoor with the USIP Team. All credits to them.

I'm just the uploader. Bomret kindly gave me permission to upload his work here and suggested to include meshes from the USIP, which Arthmoor approved.
CarlosS4444 a.k.a. RoclorD
My own mods: Blue DaedricBlue Glass and MOBSification of MODS


        Bomret's Texture Pack: Shivering Isles
                 Version 1.0


Because many people wanted a texture replacer for Shivering Isles and I always wanted to try my own texture pack, I deceided to just do it. I kept close to Bethesdas original textures and tried to make it visually compatible with QTP3. After months of hard work in which I've gained a lot of experience (and some grey hairs) I really hope that you like the result. This pack replaces many of the textures of the Shivering Isles with new, higher res ones.

Special Features:

- altered MipMaps to reduce tiling, make the textures look sharper in the distance, power up the parallax effect and   some other fancy stuff.
- altered meshes to take advantage of the engines parallax shader where the texture benefits from it.
- advanced normal map techniques to make the landscape look more 3D.
- Detiled Normal Maps (Thanks to Chainsaw XIV.)

What has been changed:

New Sheoth (Crucible, Bliss, Palace, Arden Sul etc.)
Clutter (Stuff like rugs, tombstones etc.)



How to create an OMOD: http://lhammonds.game-host.org/obmm/tutorial_create_omod.asp

Extract the included "textures" and "meshes" folders to Oblivion/Data and use one of the various archive invalidation methods. If you just want to test this package, I recommend creating an Omod with the Oblivion Mod Manager!



If you have created an Omod, just delete it. Otherwise there'll be a lot of work. You have to compare the files from this acrhive with the ones in your Data folder and delete them one by one. You can do it faster by making an OMOD, activating and deactivating and deleting it. Next time you start Oblivion, it will use the stock textures again.

Known Issues/Bugs:

In some places there are visible seams where one texture meets another. That's mainly because of the meshes. Because I lack the skills to solve this myself, put all your hope into the USIP Team ;)


All mods that alter the textures of Shivering Isles except they only alter the colors of my textures.

Final words:

If you encounter a bug contact me so I can fix it.