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Total control on the music played!

Permissions and credits
Dynamic Music System
Now, you control the music!
Version: 1.22
Author: Forli

Yali: he asked for an even better music system. That request gave life to the DMS project.
side777: he created BMS,the DMS official predecessor.
HawkleyFox and Scanti: for creating EMC and SoundCommands
saebel: for his help and support for both DMS and EMC2
shadeMe: CSE is a must while modding! Also I'm using his script to check the location type
The OBSE Team: everything works thanks to them!
Bethesda: for this blessed game

You know, in Oblivion we have 4 folders/playlists in Data/Music: Explore, Public, Dungeon and Battle (let's forget about that "Special" folder...). Oblivion use them (respectively) in the wilderness, towns, dungeons and battle.
The OBSE plugin Enhanced Music and Control gives you the tools to create more playlists and play them (and many other features...). This way you can have different playlists for different towns, dungeons, regions, etc...
But EMC alone only gives you the tools. You need to manually use them in the console or in a mod.

That's the reason Better Music System was born: it uses these tools for you, to create many playlists and play them automatically in different locations or during specific events. BMS is a great mod. I used it for years and it works perfectly, but it has some limitations:
  1. Creating a new playlist for BMS is a difficult procedure, which, essentially, require you to create a mod.
  2. If you know how to do this, consider yourself lucky, because many players don't really know how to do it.
  3. Only one battle playlist exists and you can't change that.
  4. You can't manage the music anymore, because BMS rule the music land, and music will only follow its hardcoded rules.
  5. BMS will nullify any change you'll try to make.

Dynamic Music System (or DMS) aims to remove these limitations:
  1. You need a new playlist? Open a file ini with notepad, add the playlist and save. DONE!
  2. No need for CS, programming skills or any kind of experience, except for reading a simple manual, which explains how to correctly define a playlist and what it must do.
  3. Battle musics! You can have many! You can define battle musics for specific actors (...yes, you can create Boss Battle musics customized for every actor in the game!), or playlists for any actor which meet some conditions.
  4. DMS take control of the music system, but... you can take control of DMS itself or even disable it!
  5. Just dispatch an event to add your playlist at runtime: you can remove it at anytime by dispatching another event.


  • Tons of music tracks you want to use for the playlists


Known issues:
  • None for now. If you find any bug, report it in the Nexus mod page!

Legaland permissions:
  • Redistribute: not allowed without my permission.
  • Release a patch/fix/update: not allowed without my permission. I suggest you report the bugs instead.
  • Release an addon which require DMS: allowed, but give me credits.
  • Conversion: allowed, but give me credits and send me a link when you'll release it.
  • If you asked me for any permissions, but I don't reply in 15 days, consider the permission grant.