Fuses Snail Racing by fuse
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Added: 28/05/2006 - 06:52PM
Updated: 30/08/2009 - 01:03AM

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Last updated at 1:03, 30 Aug 2009 Uploaded at 18:52, 28 May 2006


Introducing Fuse's Snail Racing to the World of Tamriel. Place a bet and maybe you will be able to buy that expensive horse you've always wanted!
Good luck and see you outside the Imperial City gates opposite the stables.

Techy Stuff: Lots of custom models and textures.. Tiny bit of landscape editing.. Tiny bit of pathing.

This mod is made in memory of that classic Amiga RPG game Legends of Valour and the fun 2D snail racing minigame within.

I hope you enjoy this mod. It's the first mod I have ever made for any game so go easy on me!




* Now you cannot bet if you don't have any money.
* Extra voice acting made for the above.
* Fixed a rock that was out of place nearby.
* Gave Fuserak a make-over.


* Fixed problem with disappearing tables in certain houses. (See installation below)
* Racing track is now a custom model rather than a modified dining table.


* FULL voice acting for Fuserak by Harry McDonald (mrharryman).
* New snail body adapted from a model created by Cait Sith.
* New textures for the snails. Now each snail has an individual look.
* Changed all lights so they go on at night and off in the morning.
* Texture tweaks for a variety of my previous stuff.
* Added scripts to reset snails and cabbages for users who already have an older version of this mod installed. They will be reset when you initiate a race.
* Added Map Marker.


* Added clutter and furnishings to make it more homely.
* Changed pathing so NPCs can find their way into the building.
* Stopped lights from flickering to help with framerate.


* Moved everything to outside of the Imperial City.
* Edited the landscape to create a stage for the mod.


* Initial tests for the racing engine in a temporary location.