Belphe's Eyes by chakaru11
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Added: 05/03/2015 - 01:06PM
Updated: 01/09/2016 - 01:17PM

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Last updated at 13:17, 1 Sep 2016 Uploaded at 13:06, 5 Mar 2015

What is this?
I got several requests for Belphe's eyes, so I made 13 recolours each for normal/Moonshadow eyes and Elaborate Eyes.

Sweet! But... how do I add them to the game?
Fear not! xD I added a tutorial txt File to this upload which explains the process step by step. All you need are the textures and the Construction set :) It's really easy! Or, if you do not want to read a long tutorial, just go back to my C's Eyes Resource file HERE. There is a short, 3 sentense description on how to do it there :D

Terms uf Use?
Nnnnnone - it's a resource :D Recolour, clone, edit to your heart's content. You can even upload recolours etc. here! If you use these for your own mods, there is no need to contact me - but I'd still love to know xDD And a little credit would be nice. That's it.

In the screenshots you might notice that Belphe is a teeeeny tiny bit cross eyed - that's because she is using a custom eye mesh. It doesn't happen with the vanilla, moonshadow or elaborate eyes!

Have fun