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amulets by chakaru11

...er. Yeah XD

What is this?
Well. My goal was to create new, colourful amulets which still fit the overall Oblivion style. So, nothing too sparkly or lore breaking XD No cheat items either, so you will have to enchant these yourself, ok? Ok.

Here, have 14 unique amulets made by me. Okay, so the meshes might be rather plain, but at least I made them myself XD The base amulet is still the vanilla mesh, but the gems and the leather cord are mine :> They are a bit more high poly then the vanilla versions and a bit smoother. The textures are all free jewel/stone textures. The amulet texture is by kafei from his Improved Amulets mod.

The amulets come in a female and male variant - the male one is a bit higher above the collar bone to work with armors.

Where can I find them?
In a tiny (!!) ayleid chest on a table in the Red Diamomd Jewelery store in the IC market district. The chest is player owned, so no thievery necessary XD

Terms of Use?
Pshew, none really. Use as you see fit, edit, recolour, clone, whatevs. If you use these in a mod, I'd love to see screenshots though :D And a little credit would be nice. But mostly, this is a resource.

Have fun!