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Children of Cyrodiil

Something has always been missing in Cyrodiil. Where have all the children gone?
Well, now they are back!

Approx 90 children of various races and ages are roaming the streets of Cyrodiil towns, several babies are sleeping in their cradles, and you will also find that a new generation is on its way, as some female npcs actually are pregnant.

All the children are fully voiced (around 1300 voice entries), fully scheduled and living with their own families. Many of them have siblings, best friends, hobbies, pets, horses, chores to do over the day etc. In other words, each one of them is unique, which you will find if you spend some time looking at their behaviour, talking to them or listening to them talking to each other or to other npcs.

You'll find the children in or outside the towns during daytime, playing on the streets, in the parks or maybe at one of the playgrounds. In the evenings and nights, they'll be home with their parents.

You can interact with the children, talk to them, ask them about their thoughts, play games with them or offer them simple gifts that you can buy in many of the stores.

You can not harm them, and you are not supposed to. As Cyrodiil is a dangerous world, all kids have their own amulet of instant teleporting that they will use if you injure them.

New in ver 1.1:

- Now compatible also with Nushka's HGEC textures for OCO2 
- Clothing meshes have been reworked and some kids are wearing necklaces/amulets in order to get rid of visible neckseams
- A few additional voice files have been added