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Seamless Bodies, Armors, Clothes, & Quests

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NOTE: THIS IS A REPOSITORY. There are some files in the download section but others are distributed elsewhere. Trust me, too many bodies, armor and clothing collections in the download section will only confuse you. Follow the links in the Installation Instructions section for the other downloads.

Wrye Bash - It's a requirement because it's the best... And I don't know how to make OBMM or NMM scripts...

BBB Enabled Skeleton - You need it for Better Bouncing Boobs, which some of these mods come with by default. Don't be "That Guy" and complain about boobs stretching to infinity; these skeletons are better in every way and useful for more things than just BBB.


This mod addresses the mesh portion of Oblivion's neckseam problem. You still need textures that go with the meshes but whereas before it was impossible to modify textures to remove neckseams, now it can be done. The illustration below shows why simple texture adjustments never worked. Each vertex on a mesh has a normal that governs how light bounces off it. The head and body's vertex normals must line up exactly at the neckseam or it becomes like an edge and you get a visible seam.

Matched and Unmatched Vertex Normals. They must be parallel. If not then you get neckseams.

This is true for any other seam such as the waist, wrist, and ankle seams but the neckseam is particularly difficult to match. To make matters worse, in all Bethesda games (Oblivion, Fallout3, NV, Skyrim, etc) when you put on armor or clothes, you don't put the armor/clothes on your body, instead you rip the head off your body and transfer it to a different body that already has the equipment attached to it. That means every single item of equipment you and NPCs wear must also have the matching vertex normals. For this reason, using the correct head and body is not enough, you must also install an armor and clothing collection specifically designed to match the vertex normals to the head.

That's where this mod comes in. Here, you'll find modified versions of Robert Male v5.2, Robert Female, HGEC EVE, TGND2, DMRA, and practically every collection of full or partial sets of armor/clothes replacers for STOCK EQUIPMENT that I could find. In addition, I've included all the extra equipment that come with popular mods such as OOO, MMM, Frans, etc... I'm hoping that should cover most people's needs.

For best neckseam results, you must use this mod with a custom race or race overhaul that comes with one of the seammended head meshes and textures. To learn more about seammended head meshes, go to:

Also check out Setbody Reloaded: Thousands of high quality bodies of every shape & size with the ability to change and customize PC and NPC bodies on the fly or pre-assign them based on race or other criteria, all based on the same techniques to create these seamless heads and bodies. The tools and templates used to make these meshes seamless are also in Setbody's download section. You can make your own collection of clothes and armor seamless.

Installation Instructions
This is a naming scheme I came up with for easier categorization. The naming scheme is as follows:

  • SR = Seamless Races
  • SH = Seamless Heads
  • SE = Seamless Equipment
  • SQt = Seamless Quest: This is for mods where it was illogical to seperate Male and Female equipment. Some also came with custom heads that needed fixing. You may still get texture seams since I didn't touch any of the textures.
  • ##### = Nexus Index Number of Original Mod

MALE Bodies, Armors & Clothes

Robert Male v5.2 : Go to the "Seamless Equipment - Robert Male v5.2 Edition" page and follow the instructions.

FEMALE Bodies, Armors & Clothes
Decide whether you want to use HGEC, TGND2, Robert Female, or DMRA. Click on the following links to go to their respective download pages. Follow the instructions carefully.

The popular Quest Mods listed below come with their own custom clothes and armor. Some even come with their own custom heads. Therefore all the custom meshes were seammended. Unlike the male and female stuff, the Quest Mod Replacer downloads are on this page's download section.

Better Cities: RobMale Muscular, RobFem. Install AFTER installing the original Better Cities
Integration - The Stranded Light: RobMale Muscular, Exnem, growlf (HGEC). Install AFTER installing the original Integration
Knights of The Nine Revelation: RobMale Muscular, RobFem, DMRA, HGEC C, E, H. Install AFTER installing the original KOTN Rev
Kvatch Rebuilt: RobMale Muscular, HGEC E-cup. Install AFTER installing the original Kvatch Rebuilt
Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul: RobMale Muscular, DMRA, HGEC C, E, H, TGND2. Install AFTER installing the original MOO
ORN - Oaristys Revamped Nehrim: Seamless meshes & textures now integrated into ORN proper
ODD - Order of The Dragon
: RobMale Muscular, HGEC. Install AFTER installing the original ODD

Note on ODD
: This is an example of how NOT to use custom clothes in your mod -- Using different UV bodies and mixing them all together. There's even some with this weird non-standard UV I've never seen before. The only reason I converted ODD is that I heard it's really good. I ended up changing all RobMv4 meshes to v5 and seammended all the HGEC costumes, the rest I put necklaces on. You'll still get wrist and ankle seams because of the different UVs.

Uninstallation Instructions
Delete the files or overwrite them with files from the original mods listed above.

Special Thanks to Kromgar (aka gerra6) - KGTools
movomo - Seammender Templates

Ismelda - Better Cities
bg2408 - Integration
Lanceor - KOTN Rev
Nephenee13 - Female KOTN Replacers
Zaldiir - Kvatch Rebuilt
Maskar - MOO
Oaristys - ORN
Rung, Diener RE, Ryan, Lazarus, and Katan - Order of The Dragon

You must have permission from the authors above to use any of the resources on this page's download section for anything other than their intended purpose.