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 SpicyFox VanillaArmor Addon & Replacer
                                                Ver 1.0
                                2014/12/28 Hidemaro

* Overvew

  This adds the femalearmor which I remodeled armor of Vanilla into.
  By the vanilla armor with skirt, and I tried to rebalance to fit the HGEC.
  Imperial City and will be sold as an original item in the market distlict 'The Best Defence'.
  And you can use it as a re-placer by introducing the movement of a brief folder and attached ESP file.

* Install

 Please put the data extracted to \ Data folder that is in the folder where you installed Oblivion.
  《Example:C:\Program Files\Bethesda Software\Oblivion\Data》

* Description

  With the introduction of this will be added to those remodeling the fimalearmor for vanilla.
  Type to be added..
    Litearmor    Fur, leather, black water leather, chain, Mithril, elf, glass, Amerion, guard armor of each town
    Heavyarmor Iron, steel, black wood steel, it will dwarf, oak, ebony, Deidora, Imperial City Watch, the Imperial City Legion, ImpelialDragon, blade, to.

 It is Cuirass and Greaves of each armor being added.
  Lower body equipment of the Imperial City equipment series remains of vanilla.
  Iron only boots to match the shape of HGEC is added.
  Ability as armor is the same as vanilla. But, enchanting and the Quest attribute are removed.
  Breast size is also this time you Yes prepared two types of C cup and E cup.
  The BBB versions I've prepared. Other than equipment Glass,Elven and the Imperialarmors is I will BBB.

  Two Esp files are included with this Mod.


  It is main Esp.

  In the Imperial City's commercial district 'The Best Defence', it will be sold as the original item, depending on the player level.
  If you'd like to get those armors quickly,climb to the location of the sample picture in TCL please.

  It is replacer Esp.
  Depending on your preference, You can assume it Replacer by overwriting VanillaArmor.
  But all graeves in this mod competes with the upper body equipment for other most Mod.
  At first I recommend that I check it in adding on.

    The introduction method,At first, please introduce 'SpicyFoxVanillaArmorAddon'.
    Then please move 'armor'folder under 'Data/Mesh/spicifox/VanillaArmor(C or E)cup'  to 'Data/Mesh/ folder'.
    The 'SpicyFoxVanilaArmorAddon.esp' you do not need after the introduction.
  Please be necessary when it was such as evacuation of data so be overridden.
  Please subsequent accessories 'SpicyFoxVanillaArmorReplacer.esp' put in the Data folder.
  This esp file is only of the vanilla of women's equipped unspecified steel and dwarves in armor equipped, the Imperial City Palace, the folder specified f to Dragon.
  There is no need already when it was introduced a Mod with its features, such as OOO.

* Requirements

 Hentai Gentlemen's EyeCandy Body (HGEC)
 Better Bouncing Bobs (BBB) ---optional

* Notice

 This Mod does not have, such as the operation verification because those made for that I play with myself.
 Thank you backup, such as save data before installation.
 Please comment on if you have any problem TheNexusForums.* Permission note I have the license of this Data.
 Basically prohibited for purposes other than personal use, distribute Data for this I made.
 If usage commercial purpose or non malicious, I may be free to change and redistribute it however.
 Please specify to the credit of that case.