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                      BOSS for Oblivion

Setting the right load order for your mods is a crucial step to enjoying a stable modded game.
Better Oblivion Sorting Software...aka BOSS, is designed to assist mod users in avoiding mod
conflicts, by providing automated load order sorting that's simple to use and fully customisable.
While sorting, BOSS checks for load order errors and notifies you of any issues that it detects.

BOSS also provides thousands of plugin specific messages. Including usage notes, Bash Tag
suggestions, requirements, incompatibilities, bug warnings, and installation mistake notices.
It supports the sorting of plugins ghosted by the Wrye Bash utility, and has been translated
into multiple languages. 
BOSS utilizes a Masterlist text file to sort plugins into the correct order. Although it recognizes
tens of thousands of plugins, new mods are constantly being created and released every day.
This means the Masterlist requires frequent updates. We depend on mod user submissions in
order to keep pace with the modding community.

Program Requirements 

In order for the Masterlist to be of any use, you will need to have the latest version
of BOSS which can be found on the BOSS Website. The program has recently seen
renewed, active development, so there is always a chance you may encounter bugs
or glitches. Please report all issues on the Forum Thread.

In the rare case you have problems with the most recent version of BOSS, which
prevent successful function, you can revert to the last fully stable version (2.3.0)
which can still be found here

Downloading The Masterlist

Find the most recent Masterlist in the files section. Once you've downloaded and
unzipped the file, you just need to install the Masterlist into the Oblivion folder
located inside BOSS on your PC.

Example: C:/Users/*yourusername*/Desktop/BOSS2.3.2/Bin/Release-64/Oblivion

Copy/Paste the Masterlist into the Oblivion folder. Make sure the "Sort Plugins" box
is checked on the GUI and run BOSS.

Submitting Unrecognized Plugins

Please Read and Follow to at least Step 3. Not providing adequate info
may result in your post being ignored. 

1. Simply leave a post in the comments section here and list at least the basic info.
    Your plugin(s) will then be added to the Masterlist with the very next update.
    Alternately, you can submit plugins using the BOSS GUI, which sends the info to
    my Github account.

2. Include the full .esm/.esp file name. Proper spelling, spacing, punctuation do
    matter. If you misspell, the plugin will not be recognized.

3. Include a link to the mod page. If I need more info and can't find the mod, sorry
    but I won't be able to get it added for you. 

4. Include a brief description of what the plugin does. Knowing this can make a big
    difference in determining where to place it.

5. Include load order suggestions. If you already use the mod, and know where it
    works in your load order, that just might work for everyone else as well.

6. Include BASH Tag suggestions.

7. Include dirty records.  


Full credit for BOSS goes to the original development team. I take no credit for anything
other than typing a bunch of mod names into a list that was already very well developed.

Legal Stuff

I was given permission from Wrinklyninja to host this page here on Nexus. Please do not
upload on any other sites without getting permissions first.