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adds further control for the 3rd person view, including toggled vanity mode, a dynamic 3rd person crosshair, camera-relative movement, and over the shoulder view, as well as a lock-on option that can be used in all views.

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New Third Person v1.5
by Knowledge

An Oblivion mod that adds further control for the 3rd person view, including toggled vanity mode, a dynamic 3rd person crosshair, camera-relative movement, and over the shoulder view, as well as a lock-on option that can be used in all views.

When in 3rd person, press the New Third Person control (configurable in the ini, default "p") to switch to New Third Person view. This will then replace your 3rd person camera until you toggle it off again. When in New Third Person view, the camera follows the mouse without the player moving, in much the same way that Vanity Mode works, and the player moves relative to the camera.

If you are using the alternative movement controls (configurable in the ini) then the player doesn't sidestep or walk backwards, and instead fully rotates to the direction of travel. With alternative movement off, it's more like Skyrim, where you can still step backwards or sideways. In either case, power attacks are directed in the camera direction.

To make use of an over-the-shoulder camera angle, change the setting "KnPOV.hOffset" in the ini file to a value other than zero.

Lock-on is on by default; you can disable it by setting "KnLock.on" to 0 in the ini file. It affects all view modes and can be easily switched on or off using a chosen key ("z" by default).

The dynamic crosshair is not used initially as it is assumed that lock-on will be more useful. It can be turned on in the ini by setting "KnCrosshair.modes" to 1 or 2.

Various properties of the camera in New Third Person mode can be changed in the ini, such as the speed it moves, the vertical and horizontal distance from the player it centres on, and the controls used.

You have the option to switch view mode automatically when going inside from outside (on by default), and switch movement or view mode when you draw a bow without lock-on (as archery in 3rd person is still fairly difficult).

Lock-on is a feature that enables you to move around an enemy and direct your attacks more easily. You can use it in 1st or 3rd person mode. By default it is controlled with the same key as the grab key, but it will not interfere with your ability to grab objects. When you are locked on to a target, the camera will look at them, and when in combat your attacks will turn towards them.

You can switch between targets using the defined keys. Targets should be arranged in order of distance from the player. If you are in combat, only enemies will be considered valid targets. Otherwise, all nearby and visible actors will be considered (see ini). You can lockon to allies in combat if you have a non-hostile target or touch spell equipped. A marker will display above the actor you are locked on to.

The dynamic third-person crosshair is to be used instead of a 3rd person crosshair from UI mods (or else you will see two crosshairs). If used in standard 3rd person, it appears in the centre of the screen. In New Third Person view, it will move around to better indicate where the player's attacks will land. It's not perfect by any means, but better than a static crosshair. If the setting KnPOV.height is set to a non-zero value, it will be a bit less accurate. The crosshair can also be configured to only appear when you are using ranged weapons or spells.

OBSE v20 or later

CameraCommands OBSE plugin

Pluggy (only required if you want the third-person crosshair)

Make sure you have correctly installed the plugins mentioned in the previous section. You must have Pluggy HUD functionality enabled if you want the dynamic 3rd person crosshair.

Place NewThirdPerson.esp, the Ini folder (containing "New Third Person.ini"), and the Textures and Meshes folders (each containing a NewThirdPerson folder) into your Oblivion data folder. Check over the settings in the ini file to make sure it's working as you want. Activate the esp and you should be ready to go.

To uninstall, make sure you are not making use of the new camera mode (so, make a save when in 1st person), and delete the aforementioned files. OBMM or Wrye Bash makes this easier.

Should be totally compatible with mods that change only the 1st person camera.

Not mastered to Oblivion.esm, so it should be compatible with other Oblivion-engine games.

Not compatible with most mods that change the way the 3rd person camera works, including those making use of CameraCommands.

Partially compatible with Look Here You. The player will not look in the direction of the camera, but will look in the horizontal direction they are facing, and the vertical direction given by the camera.

The camera may swing about a bit during attacks if you use Unidirectional Attack. I recommend setting it to not affect the player if you use this mod - New Third Person's alternative movement has a similar effect, as it effectively delays turning your attacks while you make them.

Alternative movement controls are not compatible with part of Realistic Gravity. The "stop on jump landing" and "no sliding when power attacking" should be turned off before installing New Third Person. Or you can use realistic gravity with alternative movement turned off.

There is the possibility of a conflict with any other mod that enables controls in the same way as Realistic Gravity. Sometimes this can be fixed just by switching out of and back into New Third Person view.

Other Issues
The head movement is a little unnatural. You may improve it a bit by changing the head bob settings in the ini. A proper fix would require editing the CameraCommands DLL. The source is available, but I don't have the means to do so.

The camera clips through walls and objects unlike the normal 3rd person camera. This problem also proceeds from the way CameraCommands works, and there's no easy fix.

Tracking of arrows towards a locked-on target can sometimes behave weirdly. Arrow tracking isn't recommended at this stage. Will hopefully be improved in a future update.

This mod should not cause noticeable slowdown or stutter. If you have a lot of script-heavy mods and want to improve your performance, there are probably worse culprits than this one. If you are sure this mod is affecting your performance, try turning off lock-on in the ini.

June 11th 2015: v1.5: Various fixes, view-switching options.
Jan 3rd 2015: v1.4: Various fixes, dynamic crosshair added.
Dec 30th 2014: v1.3: Some minor fixes, lockon option.
Dec 18th 2014: v1.2: Various fixes, some options removed.
Dec 18th 2014: v1.1: Various fixes, and Skyrim-like move option.
Dec 15th 2014: v1: Initial release.

See the thread on the Bethesda forums or Nexus forums for a fuller list of changes.

You may use code from this mod so long as you give credit to me and others listed in the Credits section. You may convert this for other games or upload this mod to sites other than the Nexus so long as credit is given and this readme is included with the mod. No part of this mod may be used in mods for which payment is required (if that happens again)!

The OBSE team, for OBSE
Alenet, for the CameraCommands plugin
Elys and Haama, for Pluggy
Bethsoft, for video games

And many thanks to anyone on the Nexus or Bethesda Forums who has reported bugs, given suggestions, or provided help and hints with scripting. The Construction Set wiki has also been a huge help.