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Full version of WarCry 1.09 ready in either archived format (1.09 English or German 1.085b) for manual installation or to make into bain/OMOD installation or a ready made 1.09 OMOD (English only) for Oblivion Mod Manager.

Permissions and credits
Full version of WarCry 1.09 ready in either OMOD (English only) or archived formats.  Archive contains English (1.09) and German (1.085b) versions of .esp (activate only one!!) plus the full resources (used for either .esp). "Oblivion WarCry EV.esp" is for English and  "Oblivion WarCry.esp" is for the German version of Oblivion.  All credit goes to Lazarus for WarCry with 1.09 .esp update by TEAM alpha (FCOM). Special thanks to Lazarus for his blessing to host here!!

This is a different mod than WarCry New Dimension (which was inspired by the original WarCry mod as I understand). I found it difficult to find and annoying to have to download 3 files to get the latest version of WarCry (1.08 install plus 1.085b/1.09 patches) so I thought I'd save people the time in doing the same by merging the 3 into a single file download.  Overview of features (with excerpt from WarCry Readme in " ") :

Oblivion WarCry offers numerous new items and opponents, moreover, items and
opponents of the original game have been re-balanced. Level scaling, that causes 
opponents to adapt to the power of the player character has been removed from
standard opponents entirely. In other words, every opponent's power level remains
the same disregarding the current level of the player character. The settings of weapons
and armors have been revised slightly to provide a better balance between existing and
new objects.

A greatly enhanced variety of opponents and items should raise the long-run motivation. In
particular high-level characters will get their money's worth.
CAUTION: In general this mod alters the game to be more difficult but it enhances fairness also.

For compatibility with other mods (such as FCOM and it's relevant mods) please read up on their compatibility (on relevant mods page and/or readme) in regards to WarCry BEFORE installing!!! By default "WarCry is NOT compatible with OOO (Oscouro's Oblivion Overhaul), MMM (Martigen's Monster
Mod) or Francesco's Leveled Creatures/Items." (excerpt from readme) Only by using FCOM is a work around possible to make these work together. Installing in the wrong order may break things!!

It may also undesirably clash with any other mods that modify opponents/NPCs, leveled lists (opponents and items lists), and/or weapons/armors. "As long as a mod contains NEW items, NEW opponents/NPCs and NEW leveled lists, WITHOUT changing the existing ones of the original game, then the mod is compatible." After installing mods in the correct order (if applicable) then using BOSS is great for setting the optimal load order. Furthermore, the load order may be manually tweaked in OBMM with the latter mods taking precedence if they're altering the same things.

A new game is highly recommended to properly apply leveled lists to NPCs, but there is a possible work around for existing games using Wyre Bash. Under "saves" tab right click saved game and then "Update NPC levels". Enjoy!!