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Immersive HD Loading Screens for Oblivion is a recreation of Trollf's popular original themed loading screen replacer. The mod adds over 200 loading screens that replace the vanilla screens at massively increased quality and with images that match the lore and decriptions that are displayed.

I used a Skyrim-esque stone mural border with the screenshots centred. Every screenshot is taken from Oblivion in-game by myself. I have added dirt/grunge effects to fit the Oblivion theme as well as a posterization filter that adds a subtle black outline effect to the images (similar to the visual effect of the Borderlands games) which helps to recreate the vanilla loading screen line-art style.

Why I recreated Trollf's mod

Trollf's Themed Loading Screens is a fantastic mod that replaces the very small number of vanilla load screens with hundreds of specially made screenshots that match every unique description in the game. Unfortunately, that mod is now 7 years old and the screenshots only display at the small resolution of 1024x512 pixels. On current PCs most players are using at least a 720p monitor and usually a 1080p one (1920x1080 pixels) - which unnaturally stretch and pixelate those old images. To solve this I created my own set of loading screen images at my native resolution of QHD (2560x1440), which is a massive 7 times bigger than the original images and which look incredible on any monitor resolution up to and including 4k.


Immersive HD Loading Screens is very easy to install and there are 2 versions to choose from which alter the text. Once downloaded, simply copy & paste the 'Data' folder into your Oblivion directory. By default, version 1 is installed, which has small and clear text.

Version 2 has larger and fancier text, but the loading bar is moved to the top of the screen. This is because due to the larger font size they would otherwise overlap eachother. To install version 2 (after installing version 1), go to the TextOption2 folder and copy & paste the new Data folder into your Oblivion directory - confirm yes to overwrite the old file.


Simply delete all the files that you pasted into your Oblivion directory.

The easiest way to do this is to delete the following files/folders from 'Data':
> LoadingScreens.esp
 > 'Menus' folder

And the following folder from within Data/Textures/Menus
>  'Loading' folder


Immersive HD Loading Screens should be compatible with every other mod, except for those that change loading screens. If unsure, just install this mod last.