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Another CM parter I made, he is a breton spellswordlike partner.

By default he is quite happy with the player(massive disposition boost) but if you are part of the Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood or Black Hand, you will find that he wont like you as much, as he is a good allignment character. Meant as a partner for chivalrous knights and paladins and stuff like that.

He also comes with a potion you can take from his inventory, when the potion is used it will grant you a lesser power that teleports him to your location, just incase you loose him somewhere or he gets stuck.

He is meant to also be able to repair equipment and train you in blade(up to 75) but I dont think that works with CM partners.

Requires the CM Partners mod to work.

Level: PC +6

Main Skills are Blade, Block, Heavy Armor, Destruction, Marksman, Restoration and Armorer.