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Designed for my spider girl Ariadne, inspired by something I saw on teh intertenz, decided to share, because I can...
Following the line on creature armor, the same as my other spider daedra armor this one is based on elytra, so you'll probably need Shivering Isles
Comes in 3 variants, Baneling with reflect damage enchantment, and both kinds of elytra (mania and dementia) with resist poison
Same stats as elven armor. Body is HGEC, C Cup, M lower body, BBB enabled (animations required for it, don't want BBB animations, don't download any and it still works fine as long as the skeleton works)
  • Requirements: HGEC, Universal Skeleton
  • Install: You know the drill, extract to data, overwrite if asked (some mods have a baneling texture in the same location, but it's most likely very similar, its a retexture of elytra), activate esp, play.
  • Location: Chest in testingall (type coc testingall in console)
  • Issues: clipping maybe? I tried... 
If you like it, you can comment, endorse or leave a picture (I'd like that very much). It's much appreciated =D
If you don't, then don't be a d#ck and move along as I do not care
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