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Changes the position of the third person camera.

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This mod is no longer supported
It has been included here: Oblivion Reloaded

The CameraCommands plugin v2 or later by me: this plugin is used in the code script to manage the camera position (make sure you have version 2.0 otherwise update it!).

This mod provides new views when in third person. You can use this mod for taking screenshots in a particular view or setting special third person views to play. You can cicle views pressing the "G" key or press "H" to jump directly to a specific view (FastView). Use the ini file to manage options and to manage views: you can change positions as you prefer (also preset positions), add new ones or remove some of them.

Unlike the vanity cam or fly cam, commands STAY on the player. You can normally play while camera is in action.

- Camera back right (left offset third person view)
- Camera back left (right offset third person view)
- Camera right view (lateral view)
- Camera in panoramic view back right (high view from lateral back position)

The mod is compatible with the Enhanced Camera mod by LogicDragon (see requirements page).
I don't know compatibility issues, but I recommend to remove all other mods that change the third camera state before installing this. You can manage the third camera state by this mod as you prefer.