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Last updated at 22:25, 13 Dec 2014 Uploaded at 21:13, 9 Aug 2014

All traveling NPCs of Oblivion are now essential and can't be killed by wilderness while on the roads.
Note that the mod goal is to deal with NPCs meeting a dreadful fate outside the main cities, but you can still witness low responsibility NPCs caught by the guard while they're stealing, therefore beaten to dead.

*** Changelog ***

- Ulen Athram now loses his essential status during the Weynon Priory quest.

- Ulen Athram should no longer be essential while the Oblivion Crisis escalates.

- Add a forgotten conditional check about Countess Alessia Caro and the Sanguine quest.

- Change the mod behavior, using quest scripts instead of plain NPCs modifications.
- Drastically improve compatibility with the Unofficial Oblivion Patch, while using the last UOP state of quests altered by this mod (Unofficial Oblivion Patch is a mod by Quarn, Kivan and Arthmoor).
- Support new NPCs (see the list below)
- You can now easily turn off the mod: Type "startquest SafeTravelingNPCOff" in the console. If you want to enable the mod again, just type "startquest SafeTravelingNPCOn".

- Original release

Planned on the next version : I would like to introduce a new NPC to better handle the switching On/Off of the mod, allowing players to have a user-friendly and somewhat lore compatible utilization without the need of using the console.

*** Special Cases ***

The vast majority of the altered NPCs doesn't have any active role in quests, but some does, we will see how they are handled by the mod:

1) Traveling NPC in the base game but not set essential
- Dro'Nahrahe

She's not supposed to travel, and the Unofficial Oblivion Patch fixes her behavior. If you don't use it, you should, it's available here: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/5296/

2) Always essential
- Kellen (Knights of the Nine)
- M'aiq the Liar

No need to touch them.

3) Originally essential before a quest is done
- Erthor (Skingrad Recommendation)
- Quill-Weave (A Rat Problem)
- Countess Alessia Caro (Ahdarji's Heirloom)
- Hlidara Mothril (Ahdarji's Heirloom)
- Margarte (Drunk and Disorderly)
- Alawen (Marksman Training) - essential from the UOP
- Bralsa Andaren (Destruction Training) - essential from the UOP
- Tooth-in-the-Sea (Alteration Training) - essential from the UOP
- Torbern (Acrobatics Training) - essential from the UOP

They now keep their "essential" tag even after the quest. If you have already completed the quest, it's not a problem, the mod regive them the essential status.

4) Set essential until a quest starts
- Alval Uvani (A Matter of Honor)
- Telaendril (The Purification)

They're essential until you have to deal with them. Note that you should try to complete the quest as soon as you have it because they lose the essential tag when you receive the quest, so at this point they can be killed by random foe.

5) Other

- Brother Piner
- Herminia Cinna
- Mazoga the Orc
- Toutius Sextius
- Ulen Athram

The mod is not intended to change the gameplay of the game, and it's important to keep the original difficulty as much as possible.

Brother Piner will always be essential except during the Weynon Priory attack.
Herminia Cinna will always be essential except during the Secrets of the Ayleids quest, allowing the less subtle character to get what they want.
Mazoga the Orc will be essential only after the Knights of the White Stallion quest.
Toutius Sextius will always be essential except during the Paranoia quest.
Ulen Athram will be always be essential except from the Weynon Priory quest to the Light the Dragonfires quest (if he's still alive, he regains his essential status with the completion of the Main Quest).

*** So what can change my game? ***

Since the vast majority of travelers are from the Imperial City, there will be a lot of essential characters wandering in the capital streets, but this will be a minor disturbance at worst.

Two things will interfere in a small way with the standard game behavior:
- Brother Piner can't be murdered by Eugal Belette anymore.
- The Black Bow Bandits repeatable non-journal quest is easier with an invincible Mazoga. But it's the only way to prevent her inevitable dead.

If you want to restore Brother Piner, write in the console "SetEssential 223AD 0"
If you want to restore Mazoga the Orc (after she gains the essential tag), write in the console "SetEssential 85969 0"

*** Uninstall ***

It you want to uninstall the mod, you should first type "startquest SafeTravelingNPCOff" in the console to disable the essential state of the altered NPCs.

*** Altered NPCs (68) ***
- Alawen (v2.0)
- Alessia Ottus
- Algot the Northerner
- Alvas Uvani
- Ancus Afranius
- Antoine Branck (v2.0)
- Atahba (v2.0)
- Bralsa Andaren (v2.0)
- Brother Piner
- Carandial
- Caula Allectus
- Cicero Verus
- Countess Alessia Caro
- Dovyn Aren
- Dralora Athram
- Dul gro-Shug
- Elisa Pierrane
- Elragail
- Ernest (v2.0)
- Erthor
- Geem Jasaiin
- Gelephor
- Hassiri
- Hastrel Ottus
- Herminia Cinna
- Hlidara Mothril
- Honmund
- Humilis Nonius (v2.0)
- Ida Ottus
- Ida Vlinorman
- Jean-Pierre Lemonds
- Mandil
- Marinus Catiotus
- Margarte (v2.0)
- Mazoga the Orc
- Mirili Ulven (Shivering Isles) (v2.0)
- Mivryna Arano (v2.0)
- Nardhil (v2.0)
- Oghash gra-Magul
- Othrelos
- Pennus Mallius
- Pista Marillin
- Praxedes Afranius
- Quill-Weave
- Ra'Jhan
- Ra'jiradh
- Renee Geonette
- Rochelle Bantien
- Romana Faleria
- Salomon Geonette
- Samuel Bantien
- S'rathad
- Stantus Varrid
- Telaendril
- Tertius Favonius
- Thamriel
- Tilmo (v2.0)
- Tooth-in-the-Sea (v2.0)
- Torbern (v2.0)
- Toutius Sextium (v2.0)
- Trenus Duronius
- Ulen Athram
- Undena Orethi (v2.0)
- Urjabhi
- Uuras the Shepherd (v2.0)
- Winson
- Wumeek
- Yngvar Doom-Sayer (Shivering Isles)