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Added: 06/08/2014 - 04:36PM
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Last updated at 17:23, 15 Jul 2016 Uploaded at 16:36, 6 Aug 2014

Hiya guys and damsels! This mod adds a buyable caslte in Eastern Cyrodiil. The intent here was to create a homely atmosphere in a charming little castle using only vanilla meshes and textures. Warm lighting, use of pretty plants and a little silliness here and there will make you feel welcome and relaxed after long days of monster-whacking and bandit rastlin'.

There are no cheats or overpowered features that will give you an edge in the rest of the game. This castle is meant as a home for a highly developed character, something you can afford to buy as a reward for your hard work in Cyrodiil.

I could add a description for every room, but I'd rather invite you to download it and explore on your own. That's always the biggest fun in a new mod for me anyhow ;-).

To make the castle your own, go to the Imperial City Market District, and visit the Office of Imperial Commerce. Talk to the new NPC there and buy the deed to Keep Gark (service only available during normal shopping hours). Make sure you EQUIP THE DEED to receive your key.
Oops! Forgot to give the location. My bad. It's situated to the far North of the word 'Leyawiin' on your map. It is already marked, but you have to go there physically to unlock fast travel.

It's a large project on which I have worked by myself, with month-long breaks in between. Some things are bound to be missing, slightly off, weird, or just plain wrong. Without your comments I cannot improve any of that, so any criticism will be appreciated... assuming you can keep it relatively civil ;-).

Hope you enjoy it!

I've put up a cheaper version of the castle available for download. Note that it is not compatible with the other version, so if you have that installed take all the stuff you want to save out of there. Technically, Cheap Keep Gark is another castle.

-Update no.2-
The newest version is now available (both normal and cheap variety). The exterior around the castle has been given a facelift to make the whole thing blend in much better with its surroundings. I've also removed one of the noblemen (because why not) and converted his quarters to a little sitting area. Also, as I played the mod myself, it began to nag me that NPC's locked the doors to their rooms. I mean sure, you gotta respect their privacy, but damn. It's your castle, right? 
In case you aren't keen on these changes, the original file is still available. Enjoy, folks :D