Cazy Hair and Kijiko Hair master file by Maxim K
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Name: Cazy Hair and Kijiko Hair master file for TES IV Oblivion
Authors: Maxim K.
Version: 1.0
Source: nexusmods.com (this is a special edition haha)


Oblivion Patch

Cazy Hair for Oblivion

Kijiko Hair for Oblivion

Here, have a master file for Cazy and Kijiko hair packs released on Nexusmods by me. This is a special Nexusmods edition by Maxim.
Cazy hair is v.1.0. Kijiko hair is v.1.0. Newer hairs will not be included.

This file is for those who is unable to put the hair conversions in their game. You still have to open CS and drop the hairs into your race data. I can`t do this for you - there are over 1000 races on Nexusmods alone. Refer to the newer picture and you`ll succeed.

If you`re ABSOLUTELY NEW to installing mods and modding your game, I recommend you leaving those hair files where they are and pick my Naturals race instead. The Naturals race mod includes all the same Kijiko and Cazy hair packs plus a couple extra hairs for boys, get it here: NATURALS RACE. The installation is much more simple.