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Last updated at 17:45, 15 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 14:16, 2 Aug 2014

Oblivion Character Overhaul version 2
Cobl v173 (optional)
Cobl Cosmetic resources (optional)

Depending on the chosen plugin, this will be of use to you if...
  • ... you want Cobl Races - Balanced stats and OCO v2 cosmetic changes at the same time but don't know how to merge those changes by yourself.
  • ... you want to play a Dark Seducer, Golden Saint or Dremora character compatible with OCO v2.
  • ... you're looking for additional hair and eyes options for vanilla races fully compatible with OCO v2 but, again, don't know how to merge them yourself (and/or you are even lazier than me).

Feel free to stop reading and leave if your circumstances don't fulfill any of those conditions.

Important stuff

Tiny, yet modular mod made by request, primarily intended to balance out stats to Cobl Races - Balanced standards.
Use only one of the included plugins.

What each plugin does:
  • OCO v2 Balanced.esp: Rebalances stats and adds custom playable Dark Seducer, Golden Saint and Dremora races compatible with OCO v2.
  • OCO v2 Balanced - No Bonus Races.esp: Only rebalances stats.
  • OCO v2 Balanced - Bonus Races Only.esp: Only adds custom playable Dark Seducer, Golden Saint and Dremora races compatible with OCO v2.
  • OCO v2 Balanced - Cobl.esp (recommended): Requires Cobl.esm and Cobl Cosmetic resources. It merges most features from Cobl Races - Balanced and OCO v2. Note that, since I'm just too lazy to do that much for just a little bonus, I didn't include any of the other custom races added by Cobl Races (such as Xivilai and Ohmes).

Headaches - AKA Known issues, bugs and oddities
Let me know if you run into any. Or don't, who cares anyway?

Same as OCO v2. Don't use alongside Cobl Races or similar mods unless you know what you're doing.

Thanks to
ianpatt, behippo, scruggsywuggsy the ferret, and all the people who helped make OBSE the awesome thing it is (they just cant be thanked enough).
shademe for Blockhead.
nuska for OCO.
Wrye, Vacuity and all the people who helped make Cobl.
All the people they gave credit to.
All the people given credit by all the people they gave credit to.
Bethesda Softworks.
The Nexus.
Every awesome modder around.
Everyone not making any requests to me. Love ya guys <3
Me. Yeah, I thank myself so that you don't have to do it. How nice is that?

Legal and licensing
Ad libitum.