CM MLP Vol. III Rare Ponies by Griffinrider and DaStampede featuring gerra6
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Name: CM MLP Vol. III: Rare Ponies
Version: 1.0
Date: August 1, 2014
Category: Companions - CM Based
Authors: Griffinrider & DaStampede featuring gerra6
Requirements: CM Partners by Cutthroat Mods/Blackie


This mod brings in several one time/rare appearence ponies from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic into Oblivion as CM partners.


Hi everypony!  This mod is LOOOOOONG overdue.  This brings the rare ponies you grew to love into Oblivion.  

They are at the following locations:

Octavia is in the lobby of the Tiber Septim Hotel checking into a room.
Fleur de Lis is in the Imperial City Market District checking out the Divine Elegance entrance.
Cloudchaser, Flitter, and Blossomforth are training their wing power in the Arena District,
likely being coached by Rainbow Dash, if you have that mod and have not picked her up.

And.....(pause for dramatic effect)

The Great and Powerful Trrrrrrixie is in the Arcane University meeting area!

You will have to have proven yourself to the mage's guild to be worth Trixie's time.

Each pony is eagerly awaiting to make new friends!

As a bonus the bikinis they wear can also be found in a chest behind the statue near The Feed Bag in the IC Market District.  That includes Octavia's collar, Flitter's bow, and Trixie's hat and cape!

This mod comes in both HGEC and DMRA.  So you can only run one version.

Also recommended to go into the oblivion.ini and have the face texturing = 0.

***We have no plans on making any playable races in this or any past or future pony pack.***

To those that download, *brohoof!*
To those that only hate, *love and tolerance.*

That being said, if you don't like this mod, please take the higher road and move on.  We know MLP:FiM is not for everyone.  Please be polite.

(Those that download are doing so of their own free will.  We, as authors, cannot be held responsible for any d'awwwwwws, hggggggnnnnnnns, or, God forbid, rule 34 situations that may or may not result from this mod.)

At the wishes of at least one of the creators of these meshes, they are not to be used outside this mod without their express permission.  Please respect that.

Install: Drop the data folder of the version you want into the Oblivion folder.

Uninstall:  Remove the esp and any folders contained in this archive that would not be in your data folder otherwise.

Incompatabilities: May conflict with city mods that affect the Imperial City.

Known Issues: Fleur de Lis' hair texture is a bit glitched.  I think it's a mesh issue that I'm not experienced enough to fix.  Some costume ground meshes may be stuck in mid air.  I don't know how to fix it.  I did not feature the outfit for Trixie because the model's hair is too big and it clipped.  The hat WILL clip if your character has big hair.  When I initially tested Trixie, there was an unexplained frost atronach that caused a riot that killed a lot of NPCs.  Console kill it immediately if it appears.  I seriously have no idea how it got there.  I certainly didn't place it.  Also, Trixie's hat and cape are set as light armor.  I think setting them as clothing made them invisible.

Alexander Wolf
Cutthroat Mods/Blackie
Geechan for the hoof feet and legs as well as the unicorn horns.
They are from her Tal'Ratha race.  http://tesadventures.com/forum/index.php?topic=3392.0
RAIAR and Madcat221
Mktsang, Alexscorpion, HellKnight, Speedbuster, Coronerra, nabernas
A-Type2 _AKA Speed Buster_
(honestly, one or two of these modders may not apply to this.
I'm just too lazy to start from scratch and delete their names.
Whoever made the mesh for Vinyl's glasses does not apply to this.)
(If I missed anyone, please let me know.)
Lauren Faust
Studio B
The Hub
For making the great show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
If I'm missing anyone, please let me know, and I'll add them.

Tools Used: Blender, Nifskope, GIMP, TES CS

I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  The owners are mentioned in the credits.
No money is being made from this mod; it was only made for fun. No copyright infringement intended.

As stated in the details, due to the wishes of at least one of the above mentioned authors, 
nothing from this mod is to be distributed. This is especially the case for making this a separate mod with real pony heads.

Now for some bad news. DaStampede has gone MIA.  This version of Trixie was not even supposed to be the finished product.  But we kept you waiting for this long enough.  An update will just be made if he ever resurfaces. If anymore pony mods are made, I'll have to make the faces myself doing my best to use his technique.

DaStampede, if you're out there, and you're seeing this, please come back.  The pony mods just won't be the same without you.