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This mod gives you and NPC's the ability to bash/push each other. This is an evolving mod designed to add some extra tactical value to combat.

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Version: 3.0.0
Date: 26 Jan. 2017
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes
Author: Malonn



You now have the ability to bash NPC's and creatures.  Be careful, because NPC's (not creatures) can now retailiate by bashing you.  By
pressing the (configurable -- see below) bash key, you will swing your shield, or push with your hands, NPC's and creatures.  They will react
by staggering back.  If you hold down the bash key for 2 seconds or more, you will power bash them, which causes a slower stagger and opens
up combat even more.  You will drain fatigue from bashing.  You will do damage from bashing.  You will advance your block skill from bashing.
Learn to use the bash in combat to ease those difficult fights.

Watch out when bashing friendly NPC's.  They will fight you if you keep it up.  Guards don't take kindly to being bashed either, and they will
fine and/or arrest you for bashing them.  Stealth characters can benefit from this mod too.  Bashing someone from behind knocks them down.  If
you are sneaking about and haven't been detected by an NPC, bashing will knock him/her out.

NPC's now have the ability to bash you.  This will add a new element to combat.  Don't just hold down block, as the chance of their bash is
greater when you are blocking.  When staggering, you are open for an attack so you need to be on your toes.  Keep a distance between you and
the NPC; learn to bash them at the right moments -- hopefully combat will be more interesting with this mod.

There is an INI file included with this mod that allows for some configuration.  It is required.  You can set your bash key, set fatigue draw,
set block skill advancement from bashing, set damage from bashing and more.  Be sure to check it out and set things the way you want them.

This mod features:
  •  Player bashing including a power bash
  • NPC bashing
  • A "cooldown" time between bashes for both the player and NPC's
  • Configurable fatigue draw from bashing
  • Configurable block skill advamcement from bashing
  • Configurable damage from bashing
  • Knock down NPC's
  • Knockout NPC's
  • Staggers can set to be in the first or third person perspective
  • Optionally disable controls during bashes to really make you feel like you've been hit
  • All vanilla creatures and NPC's are supported, including the Shivering Isles

Known Issues:

Version 3.0 features many fixes, including the (I hope -- it has not happened to me or my beta testers) control lock-up issue.