Blender Oblivion Import Export Tutorial by glowplug
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Added: 24/07/2014 - 01:29PM
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Blender 2.5+ Oblivion Import Export Tutorial

Tested on Blender 2.71

Update 1.2
Put it through an English USA spell checker - many of the names use American spelling.
Yes, I am embarrassed over my haste, typographical errors and inconsistencies.

Update 1.1
Significance of using full Oblivion compatible skeleton (armature) each import elaborated.
Transparency and duplication emphasized in this regard.
Triangulate failure, such as ngon, covered.

The Nif Scripts for Blender haven't been successfully ported since Blender 2.49b.
For anybody used to the interface of later versions this can seem a nightmare.
Thankfully we can simply use 2.49 as an Import/Export tool for many things.

This tutorial covers armor/clothing for the vertex group weighting Import/Export requirements.
Much of this can be applied to Fallout 3 ready for NifSkope tweaking.
Other types of objects are more or less covered.
Animation is out of scope.

The other thing is that many tutorials seem to forget to introduce the new comer to the Oblivion Construction Set (CS).
On it's own not a great deal but in conjunction too much at once.
This covers how to get armor/clothing from Blender 2.71 into CS as well as CS Extender and into game for testing.