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TheSims3 artist Cazy allowed my Max to convert their hair and post them here

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Name: Cazy Hair Pack for TES IV Oblivion
Authors: Cazy + Maxim K.
Version: 1.0
Source: maxheartflan.com

This is Nexusmods release of Cazy Hairpack converted by Maxim. Since Maxim has gained permission on sharing this hairpack, he told me to share via my account.

For those who need a master file including Cazy hair put to the game (you still have to drop them into your race data) Maxim made a special file, it can be taken HERE

1. Requirements
- Oblivion Patch

2. Recommended mods:
Head06 + races by Max and Flan.
Our races require Robert`s male body replacer v.5.2, and Robert`s Female body 1.3.

3. Installation
Drag and drop the data folder onto your ingame data folder, merge the folders if prompted.

Use Oblivion Construction Set to add the hairs in the game.

Refer to the included manual, if you absolutely don`t know how to add the hairs in your game.

If you still don`t want to bother, try our NATURALS race instead.
Cazy Hair Pack is included in Naturals by Flan and Max race and companion mod, together with an extra 13th hair - Cazy Nicholas. It was put on the CM companion Lane. So far Nicholas hair is only exclusive to NATURALS race. You get 28 new hairs in total together with NATURALS race, including 13 hairs by Cazy.

4. Features
This is a public upload of the 5th part of Max`s hair conversion project for boys. This time Cazy works were covered.
The hairs were marked by Cazy as male, but I`m sure a female could pull them off just as well. Most of them are rather unisex, to me.

And yea this is true, Max has converted a lot of beautiful hairs from theSims to Oblivion, they were sorted by the original artist`s names into 6 packages. Some of the hair packages were uploaded by me on Nexus mods, and the others weren`t. But I`m working on this. Until then seek for the missing hairpacks @ my webbie :3

5. Something else you should know
Cazy hairstyles were conformulated to fit Robert`s heads06. Should work well with any other head - Room207 tested it on vanilla based heads. Still the hair may look somewhat different on a head model other than head06.

The hairstyles were fitted to the vanilla human ears. There may be some clipping with any other ear shapes.

The hair with long frontal locks Cazy85 aka CazyNocturne clips with the body. Especially in some weird posing feat. crooked chest bones. But something tells me that you long time Ren hair users can live with that.

6. File credits
Cazy hair: http://thesimsresource.com/artists/Cazy/ or http://cazycx.tumblr.com

Yuxi - Cazy Mystical hair alpha edit and retexture: http://yuxi-downloads.tumblr.com/

retroxdance - the retexture of Cazy Notorious hair: http://retroxdancedl.tumblr.com/

Pooklet - texture base