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Dragonsbane Manor

Dragonsbane Manor was built several hundred years ago by an elite group of dragon hunters as their headquarters. They were extremely good at their job and were well known throughout Valenwood. They were so good in fact that they were responsible for completely eliminating all the dragons in Valenwood. Sadly, with all the dragons gone, they had no income to support their order and had to disband. The manor was sold and changed hands several times over the years until it was bought by your distant relative.

In this Mod;
You will get a 10+ room, companion friendly manor with blacksmith, Alchemy workshop, Mage’s workshop (on an astral plane), art gallery, library, pool and others. The grounds contain a store and a tavern, dock, ships, guards, companion barracks and stable. Included are optional files which allow you to change the look of the manor by changing ship’s sails, shields, manor banners and flags. You will notice several pedestals throughout the manor. Of course you can put whatever you want on them but I would recommend using a mannequin mod like Reznod’s. Place the mannequin on the pedestal and use it for armour and weapon display.

This mod has not been tested on slower systems. I tried to limit the number of meshes per cell but there are still Hi-Res textures which could affect a slower system. Basically, use at your own risk. Sorry for the large size but I wanted to make the mod stand alone with no requirements and I’ve redone about 95% of the textures. All clothing and armour in this mod are for the HGEC body except for a few retextured vanilla models.

I’ve included an extra esp for people like myself who are companion hoarders. Basically, the barracks space has been increased from 12 companions to over 60 and an enclosure for creature companions has been added.

Border Removal Mod or .ini tweak

Reznod Mannequins
Elys Silent Voice
Ahata Dremora Replacer ( provides voice files for the Dremora cook)

Known issues or Bugs;
For some reason, I think it's the animation, when talking to the downstairs maid (Danowyn) if you click on rumors it will cause a CTD.
You will notice two missing mesh markers on the Anvil fighters guild. An unfortunate inheritance of a merged mod. When I've gotten enough feedback I will re-issue a new version of both esps to correct this.
A few people are having problems with light reflection on the master bedroom floor. I've uploaded an optional esp that fixes that and will replace that to fix the above meshes so if you've already downloaded,sorry but a re-download will solve the missing mesh problem. I also intend to include the floor fix in the new version.

Version 3.0 now available;
-removed the last few minor problems
-moved the bridge closer to the manor to avoid conflict with other mods
-added sound effects to give the manor a little ambience
-replaced master bedroom floor in both esps
-added new items and armor to the store
-added more storage to certain areas

You may use my textures however you like within the Nexus community.