Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 and Comprehensive Cosmetic Compilation Merge. by r2d5
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Warning 01 - Probably heavy engrish ahead. Maybe not so bad. Maybe you will want to kill yourself.
Warning 01 - Were not able to add http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/44676 in requirements. Something wrong with this uploadwizard. >_<
Or OCOCCCM, how you like it more. This is joke by the way, i mean it's just funny how "round" this name is. Just as it say in the title, it is merge of this two made by hand, opposing bashes and other automatic variants. This ones not worked for me anyway.
So, we have two awesome mods. First is CCC, which will add to the game many, many, MANY (maybe a little too many) hairs and eyes for your aesthetic pleasure. Second is OCOv2 which will make your characters look a lot better than default game will. But when you try to use them both, the result will be not satisfying, if not to say they will look like shi- word.
It was a problem to me. I mean now i play in oblivion for fun purely, dressing my character in silly dresses, changing hairs and eyes along the way, killing everything on my way, *cough*raping other characters*cough*, you know, like probably many of people do. So it became obvious, that both mods should be active for more... immersive gameplay available.
But google search didnt do a thing, either people not merged them still or were not willing to share results with other. So i tried to do it myself. It were annoying, to learn how all this special for this game programms work. It take me a few days to get to the point and few hours to make it happen. I guess there a bunch of people who as well don't have oblivion modding expirience and don't want to learn about it.
So, the process. I deleted all about eyes and hairs in OCO and copied eye mesh and all other needed lines from CCC in OCO. And while at it, made golden saints, dark seducers and dremora races playable. Why not, right? Nothing else were touched. For me, "main" mod still work the same as without this changes. But characters still not look as cool as on OCO screenshots, probably you need to tweak them manually a little. And probably author used some superior lighting mods and enbes. Just saying.
Installation and requirements.
Super hard, yeah. Install OCO v2, then install CCC (or in other order), delete esp from CCC and replace OCO v2 esp with the one in archive, then check this esp in launcher. Super hard, yeah? Requirements the same as in the original mods.
Known bugs and incompatibilities.
Same of NPC eyes have errors on them. But i tracked about ten of problem npces ingame and all of them have their eyes where they should have them. Probably game just take default textures or whatever, if it not broken, why try to repair it, right? Of course the same bugs and issues as original still here as well. If there were any. And eyes, hairs (you what, still need more?) and race mods will still fuc- conflict with this one.
And credits as well. I mean i am awesome of course, but some people kill months of their life without any material income for their work to make you happy, so go to them and say thanks. Facking NOW!
Original OCO v2 mod - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/44676 - awesome work dude... dudette (or how cool girl should be named).
Original CCC mod - http://undersunandsky.blogspot.ru/2012/04/comprehensive-cosmetic-compilation-18.html - awesome work as well.
All who make this two mods happen probably listed on respective pages so look for them there.
Surprisingly there were already some speculations about this. Onto nuska page, since she is closer to ours nexus users hearts, you can find this statement:
"Due to the high volume of PMs, comments and exchanges I get I don't have time to respond to individual support requests or permissions queries, all my mod assets have a blanket OK for modder's resource use. Knock yourself out, no need to ask me permissions separately as long as you credit me accordingly."
what were done and something similar were somewere in room207 blog. Not like i appropriate their works, so just saying.