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Last updated at 22:03, 27 Apr 2016 Uploaded at 1:09, 12 Jul 2014

changelog to 1.2
+ 10 newer Flan's eyes added (I used photo reference for these)

changelog to 1.1
The mod was packed and released on Nexusmods. 14 Kijiko hairs and 1 Darkosims hair were added to the pack.

0. Name: Naturals race mod for TES IV Oblivion
Authors: Dustin Flan + Maxim K.
Version: 1.1
Source: maxheartflan.com

1. Requirements
Oblivion Patch
Robert's female body 1.3 http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/15624/
Robert's male body 5.2 http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40532/
CM Partners esm and esp http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/7819/ - only for the 1.2 version

(These turn to MUST in case if you start a brand new game the vanilla way- in prison or whatever.)

UOP http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/5296/
(or Custom Race Fixes + Boeathia shrine race fix )

If you don't use CM Partners, download and install the mod without CM Partner - it's under the miscellaneous. It is the same file but undependant of CM Partners mod.
As of late i wasn't using CM Partners mod myself, so i decided to release the alternative version - use only one.
Sadie is still there doing her little business, but Lane is no more.

2. Recommended mods:
Flan's fixed boners and some gear for the naughty boys can be grabbed here

Vanilla armor for the CM companion: after you have happened to meet Lane, you see him dressed in Elven Armour. FYI, i use this mod as a replacer: http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/217-dark-elven-armor/
so if you wish, you can replace it too or just use it as it is - i love the work.

3. Installation
Drag and drop the data folder onto your ingame data folder, merge the folders if prompted,
activate the esp in your mod manager of choice.

3a. Character creation
Reset the face of your player character right after you've chosen any variation of the Naturals race in the race menu mode, to avoid the neckseams, or mismatches in colour between the body and the head.

If the colors are still wierd, look at the age and complection sliders in the bottom part of the main creation menu. Remember their disposition (usually the age slider is situated somewhere to the left, and the complexion slider is somewhat to the right.) Move the age slider to the right and then back to it's initial position. Move the complexion slider to the left and then back to it's initial position. This simple trick ALWAYS works for me. ONLY after you're done with this and the face colour is fixed, start shaping the face how you wish.

The 'unisex' face showed in the hair and skin charts is the basic face. It's up to you to make it look more manly for a guy you make, and more girly for a girl.

4. Description :
Unsophisticated yet something so charming, the Naturals don't possess any peculiar appearance, neither they are gifted with some extraordinary knowledge. Naturals have four types of skin colours- from the Dark skin that is common in South, to the subtle Light skin that prevails in northern regions. The Naturals men have impressive athletic bodies and stylish hairs. The Naturals women look fresh and unique wearing no makeup at all. The both genders are advanced in speechcraft. Their basic attributes and specials are quite mediocre.

Features :
13 Cazy hairs converted by Max
14 Kijiko hairs converted by Max
1 Darkosims (Nightcrawler03) hair converted by Max
4 unique skins hand painted by Flan
16 unique human eyes by Flan
1 male CM companion with special body design + 1 female NPC. You can find Lane and Sadie in Silverhome on the Water, bottom floor (Bravil).

Skill bonus :
athletics +10
speechcraft +10

Specials :
resistance to diseases
resistance to poisons

5. Known issues or bugs :
none known yet :]

6. Credits :
Robert - the most beautiful male and female bodies, head06 modification
Throttlekitty - head06 original, lash texture
ephemera - lash texture
Astymma - fixed head06 .tri file
scanti - merged mouth
AlbumCornix http://ameblo.jp/niveuscornix/ - teeth texture
Cutthroat mods/Blackie - CM Partners mod

Kijiko hair: http://kijiko.catfood.jp or http://kijiko-sims.tumblr.com/
Darkosims (Nightcrawler) hair: http://thesimsresource.com/artists/Nightcrawler_Sims/ or http://darkosims3.tumblr.com/
Cazy hair: http://thesimsresource.com/artists/Cazy/ or http://cazycx.tumblr.com
Yuxi - Cazy Mystical hair alpha edit and retexture: http://yuxi-downloads.tumblr.com/
retroxdance - the retexture of Cazy Notorious hair: http://retroxdancedl.tumblr.com/
Pooklet - texture base

More races and hairs @ our blog: maxheartflan.com