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Sorry, guys, my health has taken a very nasty turn into frightening territory and I have to disappear for some time. I'm not exactly sure what I'm to face yet, but there's far too much on my plate right now to continue working on any mods.

I'm sorry and I hope I'll be back one day. Thank you to everyone who's been kind about my work.


Oh, hai thar! This is my ENB Series for Oblivion.

I'm not really one for fancy/loud/flashy description pages with a bazillion pictures, so I'll try to keep this informative. If you want pics, there's a tab hosting them.


- Cinematic
- Filmic
- Photorealistic
- Touchy-feely towards your [insert female family member of choice]

- "Filmic Tonemapping" based on HDR and gamma curve concepts by John Hable of Naughty Dog—developers of the Uncharted series
- Screen-space ambient occlusion
- "Bokeh" depth of field
- Custom hexagonal lens flare
- Vignette(darkening of screen corners)
- Image sharpening
- Letterbox effect
- Drastic changes to scene lighting
- Touchy-feeliness towards your [insert female family member of choice]

- This ENB was intended to be used with the All Natural weather and lighting mod. It will work without All Natural, but may not look right.

1) Visit this page to download the v0.181 ENB Series for Oblivion: LINK

2) Manually install ENB Series version of choice into your Oblivion root directory. This should be into the same folder as your Oblivion executables, not your "Data" folder as with most other mods.

3) Download my files and manually install over the top of what you downloaded and installed in step 1 and 2, overwriting the files when asked.

4) Navigate to [My Documents/My Games/Oblivion] and make a backup of the "RendererInfo.txt" file. Now delete it.

5) Launch Oblivion via the official Bethesda launcher. Don't launch the game or OBSE yet, you need Oblivion to create a new "RendererInfo.txt" file.

6) Check your graphics options and screen resolution as everything may be reset to default. When changing your settings, be aware of the following:
- You must have HDR enabled.
- You must turn off or set to minimum any options for
antialiasing and anisotropic texture filtering.

Fear not; ENB Series performs its own anti-aliasing and anisotropic texture filtering.

7) When all the above steps have been followed correctly, you may launch the game however you normally would.

I highly recommend you disable self shadows via the in-game options menu. They are ugly and ENB does the job much better!

ENB Series is all about tweaking for your own tastes/needs. If you don't like a certain effect, it's easy to either change or disable it. For some effects, I have put notes in the relevant config file(s) to help you find what you should be looking for. Or, you can simply download one of the optional files I've provided to do the job for you.

The effects I expect to be a matter of personal taste can be found in the following files, which can all be found in your Oblivion root directory and can be opened and modified with notepad:
- Vignette(darkening of the screen corners): effect.txt
- Letterbox effect("Panoramic View"):
enbeffect.fx. You should also lower the "EVignetteAmount" value in effect.txt to about 1.0 or it will look a bit rubbish.
- Depth of Field: can be disabled in
enbseries.ini or modified in enbeffectprepass.fx
- Noise(fake film grain effect, disabled by default): can be enabled in

I'm using Soulwynd's Bokeh DOF effect in this config, but you can easily change this for a different one if you so wish. There are plenty available for download on the Skyrim Nexus, for example. It's all a matter of personal taste!

The alternative method for tweaking ENB Series is far simpler: Press [SHIFT]+[ENTER] to open a menu. Trouble is, you cannot change everything via this.

You can enable or disable ENB Series altogether by pressing [SHIFT]+[F12].

Fact: ENB Series is going to impact your frame rate. How much so depends on your system and what effects are being used and at what quality level they are implemented.

With this config plus Streamline and a billion other graphics mods, I get between 25fps and 35fps on the following system:
- Intel Core i7 950 @4GHz
- 12GB Corsair Dominator GT
- Zotac GTX 660
- ASUS Rampage III Extreme
- OCZ Vertex 2 SSD

I can't tell you what frame rate you'll get on your rig and sorry but I have no plans to create a "performance-friendly" version of this so please don't ask.

I don't particularly care to hear your opinions of personal taste. If you don't like the visual style I've gone for with this, that's not my problem and your comment will probably be ignored.

There may be graphics glitches here and there that may or may not be caused by the settings I've provided. Some of these problems are caused by ENB Series itself, which I cannot fix for you.

Accept the fact that some areas will probably not look good. I tried to accommodate all possible conditions whilst developing this config, but that's not a guarantee of perfection. I may even have decided to embrace the brightness/darkness/saturation/touchy-feeliness towards your [insert female family member of choice] artistically.

Things in my life are not going particularly brilliantly right now so expect grumpiness...Think before you post something that's possibly antagonistic because I might end up snapping at you :P

It goes without saying(though I will say it!) that this config would not be possible without the following amazing people:
- Boris Vorontsov, for being the genius who created ENB Series!
John Hable from Naughty Dog, for the enlightening(no pun intended) "Filmic HDR" concepts
Matso, for the "Panoramic View" effect!
soulwynd, for the brilliant "Tweakable DoF and Bokeh" effect!
The users of the Oblivion Nexus, for your kind and encouraging comments on my images that made me actually finish it and not shove it on the WIP shelf with the nine million other mods I've got there :P