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x64 optimized patch for heavily modified game, it much more efficiently utilize memory. Specially for users with HD textures

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TES Skyrim version is here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/38649/?

3 july 2014: released first version for Oblivion, memory patch only without graphic changes

Have you tired from CTDs when game is heavily modded? Unable to install many HD texture packs without CTDs or travel in the world very fast? This patch fix the problem. The best result will be with x64 operational systems and videocards of 4+GB video memory size, patch will utilize them to max. You can install now textures of huge resolution and only loading times will increase. 8192*8192 textures for everything is possible now.


THIS IS NOT GRAPHIC MODIFICATION, so feel free to use with vanilla game.

But please don't be naive, it will not solve CTDs which happen because of scripts bugs and memory is not made from rubber.

// ENBoost - helper configuration for ENBSeries modification which fix
// CTDs (crashes to desktop), better utilize video and system memory
// and increase performance. It does not apply any effects of ENBSeries


ENBSeries 0.196 or NEWER binaries (older do not have memory patches), donwload
it from http://enbdev.com

Patch work with both x86 and x64 OS, but to see full potential i advise to
run Windows Vista/7/8 x64. Less effective will be with x86 versions of XP/Vista/7/8.
Greater means better, but optimal with current version of the patch is 8 Gb,
in that case 4 Gb will be fully utilized by the game and 4 for OS and cache.
Greater means better, users with NVidia Titan 6 GB will have amazing stability
results, because patch use video memory as much as possible.

0) First of all, almost all problems happen because of things you did to your game
or OS, various fake memory tweakers, boosters are at first place. Antiviruses, bad drivers,
overlay monitoring, capturing, overclocking, etc etc etc prevent normal functionality.
This prooved many times, not just by one user, you all do the same mistakes.

1) If you have crashes at startup, run as admin and make sure no other
software hooking in to game process, for example some antiviruses, screen capturing tools, videocard monitoring or overclocking. Afterburner, D3D Overrider, EVGA, ATI Tray Tools,
DXTory, Fraps, XFire - some versions of these software incompatible with
wrapper version of ENBSeries, so use injector version or disable those utils.
2) Lower performance when borderless window mode turned on together with vsync,
to fix disable any of them.
3) If stuttering bother too much, edit enblocal.ini file vriables ExpandSystemMemoryX64, ReduceSystemMemoryUsage(especially this one), DisableDriverMemoryManager.
4) ALT-TAB not work in fullscreen mode when EnableUnsafeMemoryHacks=true
5) Game by default forcing vsync to be on, in enblocal.ini parameter exist which
toggle it, so modify if you have issues with screen tearing.
6) Infinite loading happen when frame rate is too high, use fps limiter or vsync
vua EnableFPSLimiter=true or EnableVSync=true in enblocal.ini.
7) (obsolette issue for latest version) Creation Kit (CK) is not work properly, delete d3d9.dll (or don't run injector
version if it used instead of wrapper) or use another enblocal.ini which don't have
memory fixes enabled. Future versions may work, not sure yet.
8) Pixelated screen means that you have borderless window enabled in enblocal.ini. This is good feature for those users who know what to do with it.
9) Strange behavior of game physics, flying objects - you have too much high fps, turn on VSync or FPSLimiter in enblocal.ini, this is game bug.
10) ALT-TAB not work, amount crashes not reduced, stuttering and textures are
missing. This probably because enbhost.exe process not started by the mod because of
admin rights issues. This problem not occur when ReduceSystemMemoryUsage=false set.
11) Red text message appear in the left top corner. So, why the hell everybody say
it's error message? If you don't see "error" word in it, then it's not an error, but important
notice or warning.
12) Graphic effects do not work after installing this. To turn on ENBSeries as graphic
mod (ENBoost use only patch of it), set parameter UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=false
in enblocal.ini.
13) Stuttering with newest versions or low performance at some locations means
that your VRAM is full, press F4 key to free it (can be assigned to another key via KeyFreeVRAM
in enblocal.ini file). Also you may change ReservedMemorySizeMb to fix stuttering. Later i'll
do tweaks against this issue.
14) Process enbhost.exe not working, so memory reduction is not effective as with it, if hdtPhysicsExtensions mod installed.

1) Download "ENBSeries 0.195" or NEWER version.
2) Unpack ENBSeries files from "WrapperVersion" folder to your game
folder where Oblivion.exe file is. For some users "InjectorVersion" should be
used to fix compability issues with other software or for laptops with Optimus.
3) Select proper enblocal.ini to your hardware file from ENBoost archive folders
and extract it to game folder by replacing the same one from ENBSeries.
4) Run the game.

1) Open your game folder, delete d3d9.dll from there (not from system
folder!) and file enblocal.ini.

By default everything is configured, but the most important variable is VideoMemorySizeMb
which is located under [MEMORY] category of enblocal.ini file (if not exist, it will be added
automatically after first run). When set to 0, vram size is internally selected, but this not work
good with some hardware, so recommended to modify in case of stuttering, very low performance,
freezing while loading saved games. At first, set it to same value as real size of your video memory.
If some issue occur, reduce it (f.e. 2048 -> 1800) and try again. Depending from software, drivers
and mods installed you may or may not have issues if value is equal or greater than vram size. But if
you are good pc user, then try to increase this value, it may give you less stuttering for 64-bit
systems if too much mods installed. If you really smart person in pc, don't set this to bigger
than = RAM+VRAM-2048, it will work, but it's a huge risk of freezing (in case if you have so much
mods installed to fill all that memory).
DisablePreloadToVRAM - use this only if can't load saved game or don't have enough vram and
ram both. Basically this allow to not create objects unless they are visible, so side effects is
stuttering when such objects just appear in camera view.
ReservedMemorySizeMb - don't set too high or CTDs will increase. Very low values produce
horrible performance for videocards with low amount of video memory. This value is amount of
dynamic memory shared between ram and vram.

Boris Vorontsov (aka ENB)

You are free to use, share or sale without notice of any copyrights. But posting
binary files (exe, dll, ocx) of my projects on Nexus web sites is not allowed.