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The vanilla map with some extensions.

Permissions and credits
Dynamic Map by TheNiceOne: the mod is used to load the correct cell grid and resolution. The ini file for this map is included in the zip file so you need to install only the core from the Dynamic Map mod.

The vanilla map with the most popular extensions at high resolution and matching the ingame mapmarkers, roads, cities, etc....
The map includes:
- Province of Cyrodiil + Sutch Reborn + Bartholm + Stirk + Fort Akatosh + Roads of Cyrodiil
- Province of Elsweyr (based on the Elsweyr - The Deserts of Anequina mod and other cities patches)
- Province of Valenwood (based on the Valenwood Improved mod)
- Province of Hammerfell (based on the Hammerfell and Hammerfell - The Eastern Grasslands mod)
This is the only map that includes the province of Valenwood in vanilla style.

Cyrodiil (vanilla)
- Sutch, Bartholm and Fort Akatosh created and added with original font and style.
- Minor edits.

Elsweyr (original map dowloaded from the elder scrolls wiki)
- Roads rebuilt to match the ingame terrain/cells.
- Cities shifted/modified to match the ingame terrain/cells.
- Labels remapped.

Valenwood (created by me)
I created the entire map of Valenwood. The borders land on the west and on the south aren't perfect but they are a good compromise. The map was created scaling the terrain map and matching the resolution with the ingame cells coordinates, so the cities and the roads are correct.

Hammerfell (original map dowloaded from the elder scrolls wiki)
- Land and border modified to match Cyrodiil.

Put cyrodiil_resized.dds into Data\Textures\menus\map\world folder and Dynamic Map.ini into Data\Ini folder. Overwrite if asked.
Due to the high resolution, I suggest also using an initial zoom of the map at 80% in the Dynamic Map Base.ini to have a good "panoramic effect" on startup. Anyway the Dynamic Map mod provides a zoom system so you can change it ingame.

v 1.2
Roads of Cyrodiil added.

v 1.1
Fort Akatosh added
Rimmen rebuilt to match better

v 1.0
Initial release