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Last updated at 5:56, 18 Jun 2014 Uploaded at 16:41, 17 Jun 2014

This contains eleven unique eye textures designed for mage characters. You can, of course, use them with anything. If you use a glowing eye mesh like my Glowing Vampire Eyes mod, the sigils will glow. They were built off of Cernasite's beautiful Dragon Eyes textures.

Because everyone has a billion cosmetic mods and so do I, this is a resource. You have to manually add the textures in the Construction Set. Please don't ask me how. You can Google it.

I have, however, added an optional .ESP for this, which adds the textures to each of the vanilla races. Note that you cannot use multiple cosmetic mods at once without merging them and this will not work if you have any other hair or eye mods installed.

If you like them, please take the time to endorse (and post screenshots because I love them, seriously).

Tools Used:
Adobe Photoshop CS6

Resources Used:
Cernasite Dragon Eyes

Obsidian Dawn Brushes