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Bethesda hates him! Overhaul your Oblivion sound with this one weird trick.

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In the distant future of 2014, activity in the Oblivion mod scene has largely winded down as Skyrim has usurped it. We now have several amazing quality mods for graphics, gameplay and immersion to bring Oblivion up to modern standards in presentation like Oblivion Character Overhaul, OBGE and ENB presets, high res textures, etc... But what about the sound? After all these years it is still a very overlooked aspect of the game if you ask me.
Enter GOSH, or: Gecko's Oblivion Sound overHaul, which I can probably say with confidence is the most comprehensive out there. Combat, magic, creatures, ambiance, footsteps, everything has been given attention.

Now, you can hear the fiery doom your flame magic unleashes on your victim from several meters away instead of just a faint pop. Or the shattered, collapsing bones as you destroy a skeleton. Or the loud, thumping footsteps of that angry ogre charging towards you. GOSH has been designed to pay attention to and accentuate all those little details to enrich your immersion in the game.

GOSH is split into 2 separate esps. The second one focuses on special ambient sound additions to various locations and regions in the game. It was split from the main module for the sake of compatibility as I suspect there will be conflicts, in particular with Natural Environments and its weather edits. GOSH adds unique regional ambient sounds to the various outdoor regions in the game, instead of just having shared generic wind loops all across Cyrodiil. Now you'll be able to hear the waves from the shores of The Gold Coast, or the howling cold mountain winds of the Jeralls, or the exotic wildlife down in Blackwood. They are all also split up into different ambient sounds for day and night.

Towns and settlements have been given a bit more life to them as well. A typical amateur pitfall here is how people often add the sounds of large crowds of people in streets and taverns and the likes, while in Oblivion it's unlikely you'll ever really find more than a douzen or so in your vicinity which makes for a pretty jarring experience. GOSH adds the sounds of people talking and doing things in towns, but avoids adding so much as to give the impression that there are much more people than what you can find ingame.


The ambiance module is currently not compatible with Natural Environments/All Natural since it achieves the regional sounds by editing the weather system, and adding unique region-specific weathers carrying the new sounds inside them. if you want to keep the NE weathers, you'll have to use GOSH without the ambiance .esp. I do not really feel up to the task of patching NE myself because I'm still relatively new to Oblivion modding and I'm afraid I'll end up breaking something important. Any help here would be appreciated.

It is strongly recommended to use a Bashed Patch to merge the sound edits from various interior cells that are changed by this mod, such as caves, chapels, castles, etc.

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