Imperial City Townhouse - Improved (Knight Manor) by Zaon1 and Sentinel Lyons
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Table of Contents
I. Description
II. Credits
III. ****WARNING****

This adds on to Zaon1's amazing mod. In the original mod, the house he gives you is free. I believe at least SOME work should be done to get it! As the users of the mod know, the house is Ulen Athram's. Originally, Ulen Athram and his wife are COMPLETELY removed from the game due to this mod.
Ulen Athram is a Mythic Dawn sleeper agent (one of the guys who transforms and wants to kill you in town) so I devised a back story with his friend, Eugal Belette. Eugal Belette can be found in Chorrol, either in his house or on streets (mostly on the streets at night). Eugal Belette holds 3 things (although 1 only needed to get into the house).
He holds the:
Key to Knight Manor* (Ulen's house was renamed to that by me)
Deed to Knight Manor* (Not needed to access the house, just to have the feeling of ownership)
Note to Eugal (Ulen's letter to Eugal, explaining why he left town and abandoned his house. I made this mainly for lore reasons, as making someone disappear without a trace was a bit far-fetched to me.)

*These items are marked as quest items, so if you pickpocket them off of him and get into trouble with the law later, they will not be taken since they're quest items.

There are 2 ways to get the items from Eugal. Pickpocket them (as mentioned above), or kill him. If you are going to kill him, you should wait until you are far enough in the campaign so he attacks first, him being Mythic Dawn and all.

The house is located in the Imperial City, Talos Plaza District.

Credit for house decoration and the idea of using the estate for a player home goes to Zaon1. Sadly, he hasn't been active in 4 years. The house is amazingly decorated (the exterior AND interior, that is).

Only download this esp! Do NOT enable Zaon1's and mine at the same time!