Dark Watch Armor by TemporalSatisfaction
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Last updated at 4:46, 10 Jun 2014 Uploaded at 4:47, 10 Jun 2014

Yes this mod was easy to make, but someone had to do it!

This mod changes (not replace) the color of the Imperial Watch armor to be darker. And you'll also notice that the red secondary color has been changed to green (because I think green goes well with black.)

The armor is NOT overpowered or overpriced... I left that part open for you guys.

-----------------------WHERE TO FIND THE ARMOR--------------------------

A Fighting Chance store in the Imperial City Market District.
You will also notice a staff being sold there called "Staff of Might." Just ignore it if you don't want it.
It's pretty much a rapid firing flame staff.

I'm not sure if this fits on female characters soooo..... sorry!